I was NOT having sex in the library!

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[Have Azula bumming around Togusa's world, where she evacuated with Cuddy and Rachel-- she still looked exhausted and messy and gross 8)]

So they can't just show up here, can they?

... You have no idea what I'd do for a bath, a change of clothes, and a bed.
[Things have quieted down somewhat (FOR THE MOMENT), but when she speaks her tone is still clipped and on edge]

All right.

Someone. Explain.
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The leaves are changing color in New Jersey, and some of them are falling off the trees. I've heard of this phenomenon, of course-- it happens in the northern Earth Kingdom, among other places-- but I've never actually seen it for myself until now. Is it common on Earth worlds?

... It's also getting colder; I can especially tell at night. Does it snow on Earth, too?

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Even though I've never actually gone shopping on another world, it's interesting to see what styles and fashions are popular in other places. This, I believe, is all Earth-- most of the websites I encounter seem to be, and a lot of it looks familiar.

It does make me curious, however. If clothing similar to Fire Nation dress exists on Earth worlds, why am I always stared at when I wear my day clothes in public?

OOC: I AM SO ADDICTED TO THIS WEBSITE YOU HAVE NO IDEA. And I'm not even interested in fashion. Whut.
Can cars on most Earths fly? I never observed that phenomenon when I was in New Jersey.

OOC: lol reference.
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Strangely enough, one of the only things I'm bringing back from the Fire Nation today is lots and lots of tea-- jasmine and ginseng mostly, but also White Dragon and lychee, which no other worlds but ours seem to have. The tea on the world I'm staying on now is quite strange. It comes in either packets or little bags. It's not bad, but it can't compare to fresh tea leaves. The people here really don't know what they're missing.






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