[So if I had a video of one of the times that she broke down crying during the finale I'd totally embed it here, but I don't, so you'll just have to use your imaginations. She is all-out sobbing, pretty hysterically, and there's a thumping sound as she bumps into something-- the wall, by the sound of it-- and just... slides to the floor. The crying continues, and when the audio cuts out a good five minutes later, she still hasn't shown any signs of stopping.

Folks, this is what happens when pretty much your entire life is shattered, and your first defense mechanism is to COMPLETELY ISOLATE YOURSELF. Mm-hm. PSA, right here. Oh God it's 1AM why am I even online.]

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Those of you who have gotten on my bad side lately are lucky-- I'm in a very good mood today. I'm not even bored. Being able to worldhop anywhere at any time is a magnificent advantage, and at the risk of being repetitive, I'll probably spend another few hours in Paris this afternoon. It really is a lovely city.

Father, I've decided to start making bi-weekly trips back to the Fire Nation, starting tomorrow. It's important that I check up on things in person, as well as prepare for my eventual return once the war is over. Rest assured, every precaution will be taken, so if you try to have me captured and killed you'll be wasting your time.


[There's the sound of tossing and turning-- then she starts in with the disjointed muttering]

Just until he... until he--

I can't worldhop; I have no money; I'm not even of age on half these worlds. Even at home it'd be difficult for me to--

I'm not a child, I'm a-- I'm the Fire Lord.

... No hotel lets people stay for free.

[With a growl, she knocks the book off the bed and the audio shuts off]
[She doesn't sound hazy and sedated anymore-- just exhausted]

Former Fire Lord Ozai.

I'm not giving up. You can try to keep me here forever and do whatever you want to me, but I always win in the end.

I'm stronger than you. I know I...

[Audio out]

People are difficult. I doubt any of you can protest that.
I want a full and complete explanation for this. I want to know who did it, who rectified the situation, and- perhaps most importantly- why I don't remember any of it.

I do not want people tampering with my mind or memories. Do I make myself perfectly clear?

OOC: Aftermath of this.
This is ridiculous. Didn't we already have a virus similar to this? The community is running out of ideas, it seems.

Someone give me a worldhop to... oh, I don't know; I'll figure out the destination when I need to. I just can't be seen around the palace like this.

OOC: I'll probably have her recover from this one pretty quickly, because it's so similar to the MRV.
Did you worldhop into my room last night? (I found your little "gift"- needless to say, it now in the trash, where it belongs.) I will not stand for this sort of behavior. Preventative measures will be taken. I am quite serious about this.



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