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Do you know what I'm getting really tired of? People trying to goad me into fights. Particularly when they're not subtle about it.

It may have worked when I was fifteen or so, but I've actually matured since then. It's a shame the same can't be said for some others.


Aug. 25th, 2011 12:39 am
[all you people who are daydreaming about making out and the like? are kind of nudging Azula's imagination in one particular direction]

[she's sitting at her desk in the Vatican, writing something in a piece of paper... and then suddenly it cuts to a girl sneaking up behind her and throwing her arms around her neck]

[Azula shakes her head and the image dissipates, only to be replaced by another one with the same girl about ten seconds later-- this time she approaches Azula from the front, leaning in and kissing her on the lips--]

[-- and it's gone again, back to Azula at the desk]

[one last time the scene changes, this time showing the two of them lying on a bed, full-blown making out and possibly getting a little... hot and heavy]

[back in reality, Azula makes a face, puts away her things, and leaves the room to go train]
[once again, the community is recording the tail end of a long fight between Azula and a vampire-- it's her first since Kefka healed her leg with magic, and unlike the one that broke her leg in the first place, this one actually seems to be going her way]

[they're both fighting pretty hard, but Azula's slowly but surely backing him into a corner, hoping to get him at close range so it'll be easier to work against his haste mode; when he's against a wall and she's about five feet away, she suddenly stops using her fire and pulls out a gun, shooting him point-blank several times in the chest and head... aaaand he goes down, dead, the wounds hissing and fizzing]

[walking over to where she stashed her stuff while she fought, Azula notices that she's been recorded... and decides to play it cool by pretending to be The Most Badass and responding completely casually:]

That was a bit of a challenge, I suppose. I was impressed with his stamina. All in all, that was one of the better fights I've had in a while.

[... the effect is sort of ruined, though, when she turns back to collect the body and realizes that his head was nearly severed from his body by the force of the bullets-- she suddenly sways with nausea, closing her eyes tightly for a few long seconds]

Why does it always have to be beheading.

[she quickly turns off the feed]
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For the second time I've been told that I'd do better to stay away from someone-- the same person, even-- because they're dangerous. It's funny that they don't take into consideration the fact that I might be dangerous, too.

I wonder at what point other people cut ties with someone because of things that they've done. It's not something that I've thought about much; there are a few people that I've gotten along with and then changed my mind about, but not very many. There are plenty of things that I'm more permissive of than most. It's part of being raised as a soldier, I suppose. I am curious, though-- at what point do you stop talking to someone because of their actions towards others?
Of all the viruses to repeat, it had to be that one.

I had no idea people here were so hormonal.

[that is sort of a joke, and an attempt to make things less awkward]

[it probably won't work]
The people who I love most don't understand why I need to do what I do. At the Vatican I'm not being useless, I'm actually accomplishing something, and I'm better and happier than I've been in over two years. They of all people should be able to see that.

Does anyone that I actually like feel like watching movies or something over here? I'm still resting a lot and I need a distraction.

It shouldn't have made her come back.

This place is dangerous.
I didn't enjoy the beach party, as I knew I wouldn't-- but I didn't re-break my leg, even while sitting on Lilith's shoulders. It would have been fine if it were anywhere else, even with all the strange things that happened (Jack Sparrow, do you actually want all these pictures? I'm going to delete them off of my camera). However, I seem to have given at least one boy the impression that I can be easily convinced to do things. I think it's best for everyone that I clear that up.

I may usually be polite, but I'm not usually nice. If you want someone to do something for you, I am generally not the best person to go to. I understand that I might have given some people the wrong impression by showing up at a party that I clearly had no real desire to go to, but I had my reasons, and none of them involved being an easily-persuaded or indulgent person. And for now, I'm just glad to be off of that world.

That is all.
I did it. I succeeded in my mission. I don't care that I'm stuck in bed, or with a cast on my leg. It'll heal eventually, as it always does.

This is the best mood I've been in for some time, and I don't think anyone could knock me out of it if they tried. I have a feeling I'll end up bored and in need of something to do, so I suppose I'll take suggestions-- but for now, at least, even lying around doesn't feel dull.


What's the best way to cut through strong metal without damaging it? I gave away some of my old armor a while ago, but apparently it needs wing holes now, and I'd hate to see it ruined. I'm rather attached to it.

It may be more difficult than usual to contact me for a little while, as I'm currently working on something important that's going to take up a lot of my time. I can't give details, but giving this anything less than my full attention could easily end in disaster.

Wish me luck, community.

[ooc: start of her first mission plot! 8)]
First of all, I don't really have any major problems with you. I don't even dislike you, and I meant it when I said that you seemed like you were probably a good friend. But we need to clear something up.

I may not be a good friend or "moirail" or any of those things, but the idea that I'm attempting "pale infidelity" or trying to steal anyone away is completely untrue. You don't need to protect Aradia. If she has a problem with me, she'll tell me herself, and the fact that she hasn't means that she doesn't need to. I don't like Vriska because I want to be her moirail or take her away from anyone. I like her because I know what's going on with her, or at least I think I do. I know what it's like to do things that make people hate you, and to be dismissed no matter what you're saying. I know what it's like to grow up as a fighter, and even though I'm glad I was raised the way I was and I largely don't regret having my father or doing what I did, I know what it's like to not have a choice unless you want to be killed, punished, or banished. I know what it's like to have a parent who would destroy you if you failed them. And I know about a lot of other things that might not apply to her, but may in the future-- being made strong at the expense of everything else, not knowing how most people work, hurting people you like (even by accident or with good intentions), and sometimes even being really lonely.

I don't really care about most people, and I understand even less. But she's like me, and I care about her, and I'll help her out anytime she needs it. She's not my "moirail" and I'm not trying to make her be. She's like a younger sibling or a smaller version of me; I don't know.

Just quit worrying about it; everything's fine.
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I quite enjoy having perfect eyesight, and I never really realized how irritating having to wear glasses was until that virus.

That was hardly the worst part of it, of course, but it's the only thing I'm willing to discuss.

[Azula shifts the camera back to show her nightstand in her bedroom at the Vatican]

It's over, though. And look what Lisa's done for me with something called "photo paper".

[the table is covered with printed photographs in frames-- most are of Cuddy (some including Rachel) or Lilith, but there are a couple of Ty Lee shoved in the back]

My camera was getting full, and she asked me if I wanted a second memory card, or some prints. I opted for this.

Maybe I should start collecting them.

[and of course when she talks, she sounds quite pleased and proud of herself]

I've completed my training, I've graduated from the novice level, and I am now officially an AX Agent-- an elite soldier of the Vatican. I'll be working as an assistant bodyguard, but I'll also be sent on special assignments and missions-- of course, I can't divulge much information about those.

[she then turns more somber, directing a steady gaze at the camera]

Obviously, it's a dangerous job-- extremely dangerous, sometimes. I don't plan on dying, but it would be foolish not to make plans just in case. First of all, I need to speak to someone who would be able to show me how to make one of those private posts that unlock automatically if I don't log onto the community after a certain amount of time. I'll also be contacting a few of you individually, for various reasons.





[showing up on Vriska's world to see Tavros, grabber claw in hand!]

[she'll just be milling about a bit, waiting for him to show up; she likes this world and doesn't mind waiting]
I need to create two separate categories on my phone: "people who I don't mind hearing from" and "drunken idiots who got my number from the community".
A little while after finishing her text conversation with Aradia, Azula hopped on over to the Land of Quartz and Melody to pick up Aradia for another movie night. She wasn't in any particular hurry, so she just started to walk around a bit, figuring she'd run into the robot girl sooner or later.
I've been strangely social lately. I've had people over, I've gone to visit others, and I've apparently been invited to join in on some sort of movie night. Not only would this not have happened three years ago-- before I joined the community-- I don't think it would even have happened one year ago.

I haven't really changed that much, have I? I don't think I have.
Thanks to her trusty worldhopping feather, Azula showed up in Vriska's land less than a minute after hanging up from their conversation. She'd already been to Eridan's planet, but this one looked entirely different-- and while they were both impressive in their own right, she definitely liked the Land of Maps and Treasure better. The scenery (but not the architecture) reminded her a little bit of the outlying islands of the Fire Nation. The sky was also fascinating; she couldn't help but spend most of the time looking up at it.

Because most of it was ocean and she didn't have a boat, Azula couldn't really do much more than wait for Vriska to find her-- which probably wouldn't be too hard, as she was right outside the little island's only large, looming building (one of those "hives", maybe?).



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