... I'm going to need another worldhopping device, eventually. My old one is-- my old one was lost.

Payment will be given as soon as possible.
I was NOT having sex in the library!

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Dec. 17th, 2009 07:41 pm
Azula nonchalantly strolled down the hallway of the school, trying to act casual. There was no reason anyone should suspect anything-- after all, why shouldn't the nurse's daughter be walking out of the nurse's office? Anyone who saw her would just assume that she had been going to see her mom; there was no reason for anyone to suspect the real reason.

Like that she might sort of have a girlfriend.

And she was (hopefully) going to end up skipping out of sex ed. class entirely.

And if she wanted information about... things she'd have to do to keep herself from getting any nasty diseases, she'd have to find her information from the free pamphlets that she had just snuck out of her mother's office.

Her face went red just from thinking about it.

It was after school. Most of the students and teachers should have gone home. Hopefully there was no one else around to catch her.

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I want any and all information on [livejournal.com profile] future_games, the man who claims he can paint people's futures.


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[Have a shot of Cuddy's living room-- the lights are off, so Azula is just a shadowy figure on the couch]

I told you all, I didn't I. How many of you didn't believe me?

It takes people.

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The former Fire Lord Ozai is dead. I personally recovered his body.

I am the sole remaining member of my family; of Sozin's line.

OOC: ... She doesn't count Zuko, of course. AND SHE'S GOING TO GO FIND CUDDY so any replies will be forward-dated a little bit. 8)
It's not any of your business what words I use. I can say "homesick" if I want to!

You don't control me. Not what I do, and not what I think.
I'm not even going to get into how many inappropriate "quizzes" I came across on this particular website.

Cut for a buttload of random quiz meme things ffffff )

I find it amusing that I apparently have the historical and political knowledge of an "average American" when my score was abysmal (not that there's anything wrong with that; after all, I'm not an American). And as for the last one, and all others like it, it's illogical to think that answering a few innocuous questions or choosing a particular picture could say anything meaningful about your personality. Coincidentally, this particular one wasn't all that inaccurate-- except I don't have a protective streak.
Two days ago, the former Fire Lord Ozai agreed to surrender his false claim to the throne without a fight, in order to stop the wave of assassination attempts that had plagued him. His actions were commendable; the capital is currently far more peaceful and stable than it was even yesterday, and it grows more so by the hour. He is currently being kept under house arrest in his wing of the palace-- access to the community has not been denied him, but no worldhoppers will be allowed in or out. I, of course, have returned to take my rightful place as Fire L--

[Suddenly the door bangs open, and a man's voice can be heard shouting:]

Ozai is the true Fire Lord! Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor, and traitors must die!

[There's the sound of a struggle, and of fire crackling, and then the audio cuts out]

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To anyone who wants to kill me, don't even try. To anyone who was making noise about my age, I'm nearly sixteen. It's not that much of a difference, and legality isn't an issue on my world.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then don't ask.


{LOCKED TO TY LEE}-- yes, I know she was dropped, but Azula doesn't )


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[More paper rustling sounds; she's getting ready to practice writing English again]

Give me a--

[A pause, then there's the sound of of pad of paper being shut and roughly shoved away]

Forget it.

I want to go home. I mi--


[There's the sound of paper rustling, and of a chair creaking slightly]

Give me a sentence. Use the voice post function, but keep the volume down.

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[The audio starts out immediately with Azula's voice-- too quiet and unclear to understand at first, but it becomes audible pretty quickly. She sounds quite a bit more calm than she has lately, because she's actually talking-- albeit to somebody who's heavily sedated in their hospital bed. Of course, she's only doing it because (she thinks) no one can really hear.]

-- and Father's trying to manipulate me into helping him with his pointless and ill-planned schemes, Mother's trying to browbeat me into a younger version of herself, and Ty Lee is still being awful. She thinks she say and do whatever she wants, and then she just expects me to act like nothing ever happened. I don't care if she misses me or if I miss her, I'm through with dealing with her lies. I'd rather be... I'd rather be completely alone than friends with someone like that. I can't STAND people who lie; I can't stand never knowing whether to believe what comes out of their mouths.

That's one reason why I hate the viruses here. They turn everybody into liars.

[She pauses for a few moments, and when she speaks again her voice is almost-- but not quite-- as cold as her words would imply:]

You'd better stop dying soon. It's getting boring just sitting around here.


I didn't want to do it. You were right; I wouldn't--

[Suddenly there's the sound of someone walking down the hall, and Azula stops talking. She stays silent even after whoever it was is long gone.]
[When the audio switches on, the first thing to be heard is Azula's ragged and shaky breathing-- she still sounds upset and agitated, but at least she isn't audibly crying anymore]

Dark. Give me back my feather. I'm leaving. You can't keep me here; you can't--

It's not your decision. I'm going back there and I want all of you to leave me ALONE!

I don't know why these persistent posts about families and parents annoy me so much. It's not like I'm jealous. Or maybe I am; I wouldn't know. I don't tend to self-analyze-- it's pointless. So few people realize that when you start to feel something stupid or messy, the best thing to do is to just ignore it, especially if it's about something that can't be changed or helped. I can really only think of one example of when paying attention to "feelings" has paid off, but we're not going to talk about that. It's been rehashed far too much here; I think it's time to discuss something new.

I could just go back to the Fire Nation. I don't know why I haven't yet. I say it's because I want to be careful and cautious, but really, I have no doubt that I could escape again if he is just trying to trick me-- which he isn't. And everything was going perfectly during my first week as Fire Lord; it was only after I found out he had turned against me that it started to go bad. If he does turn back again, I'm going to be very mad at myself for wasting this time I could have had.

I'll go back if I get kicked out. Though really, I've been considering leaving before that can happen; that'll make things less complicated. I was irritated when Kaito temporarily lost his memories of this place, and I don't even like Kaito. It's ridiculous (not to mention embarrassing) how much of an aversion I have to being left alone and abandoned. It's something that I really need to get over-- preferably sooner rather than later, because you don't just let random people stay in your house for undetermined periods of time. Sooner or later she'll be looking for an excuse to get rid of me, if she isn't already-- even though I stocked her cabinets with excellent Fire Nation tea. What would you call that, a bribe? I don't know.

At least I have Father; that's really all that matters. Who cares if he probably only supports me because he's been brainwashed? I certainly don't. It's the end that matters, not the means.

I'm very good at convincing myself of things. It's one of my many strengths.

[The feed shows Azula in bed, sleeping uneasily-- she's tossing and turning, groaning and muttering in her sleep (but not loud enough to be heard from another room, and not loud enough to wake Cuddy's baby), the whole nine yards]


[Her fingers flex, graping at the blankets and pillows, and some of her hand movements actually look like firebending moves]

Father, don't--

[She lets out a gasp aaaand video out]

[Azula is sitting in bed, an open book in her lap and Fire Nation silk sheets wrapped around herself, tucked up around her shoulders]

Yesterday was so dramatic. I felt lonely and homesick and miserable and all sorts of things-- but not insane, thank you very much-- which is ridiculous, especially on the first point. I don't mind being disliked by the majority of you; why would I be lonely? Perhaps a psychologist could weigh in on this. Dr. Lecter, what do you think? Or are you too busy with your extracurricular activities to have an opinion?

[She leans back against the pillows, tucking the remains of her bangs behind her ears (it looks like they've been evened out a bit)]

Eris, I know you did something. You're always doing something. And this is why I hate all you gods-- to prevent things like this from happening again I really need to retaliate, but if I do than I'll almost certainly die. It's a no-win situation.

I hate not winning.

[Now she sounds more flippant; teasing, even]

Maybe I'll try anyway. That's another good thing about not having anybody care what happens to you-- you're allowed to be reckless.

[When the audio turns on and Azula starts speaking, she sounds unstable; desperate; crazed, almost]

This is ridiculous. I'm through with the cowards here; they can't even--

[She suddenly stops to yell at a guard that's walking past]

You! When I get out of here, what do you think is going to happen to those of you who turned traitor? And if you don't think I'm going to get out, just ask him why he doesn't come down here to beat me up when I'm not too sedated to fight back properly. Hm? It's because he doesn't want me to escape the guards; it's because he doesn't want me to have a chance of winning against him. He knows that I can take down all of you single-handed and then go on to defeat him, all without breaking a sweat. He doesn't want me to--

[But the guard just walks away, pretending not to listen]

Fine; ignore me. Go back to your quarters and pretend that there's no chance of me getting out of here and doing all the awful things to you that you know we do to trait--



This is me "keeping you posted", Dr. Cuddy.

[The audio clicks off]
How far the once-mighty Fire Lord Ozai has fallen. Six years ago, who would have guessed that he would soon be reduced to acting like a common criminal-- attacking the ruler who so graciously granted his request for a visit, and mindlessly howling for punishment and execution?

The burn on my face is inconsequential. While the one on my arm is quite a bit more serious, I plan on continuing on with my duties as Fire Lord. Changing the bandages is messy, and training is always a bit more difficult with second-degree burns down one arm, but I was well aware of the risks that come with dealing with highly unstable, irrational prisoners-- because that is what you've become.

I've left this visible to you and only you, so that you have a chance to rethink your actions in private. I've already told you that you're treading on very thin ice; it's only fair to allow you to away from the other community members-- whose opinions seem to matter to you quite a lot.

Never let it be said that Fire Lord Azula was an unjust ruler.




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