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[all you people who are daydreaming about making out and the like? are kind of nudging Azula's imagination in one particular direction]

[she's sitting at her desk in the Vatican, writing something in a piece of paper... and then suddenly it cuts to a girl sneaking up behind her and throwing her arms around her neck]

[Azula shakes her head and the image dissipates, only to be replaced by another one with the same girl about ten seconds later-- this time she approaches Azula from the front, leaning in and kissing her on the lips--]

[-- and it's gone again, back to Azula at the desk]

[one last time the scene changes, this time showing the two of them lying on a bed, full-blown making out and possibly getting a little... hot and heavy]

[back in reality, Azula makes a face, puts away her things, and leaves the room to go train]
I did it. I succeeded in my mission. I don't care that I'm stuck in bed, or with a cast on my leg. It'll heal eventually, as it always does.

This is the best mood I've been in for some time, and I don't think anyone could knock me out of it if they tried. I have a feeling I'll end up bored and in need of something to do, so I suppose I'll take suggestions-- but for now, at least, even lying around doesn't feel dull.


What's the best way to cut through strong metal without damaging it? I gave away some of my old armor a while ago, but apparently it needs wing holes now, and I'd hate to see it ruined. I'm rather attached to it.

[when Azula showed up on the Ark, she was very, very angry and trying very, very hard to hide it]

[it was obvious why he had done it, really-- he thought that he had more of a right to protect Lilith than she did, just like he thought he and Seth and Cain were more deserving of her love]

[he was wrong on all accounts, and she wanted to tell him that SO MUCH-- she wanted to take him by the collar and yell that he was
horrible for putting his own jealousy above Lilith's desires (because she couldn't have wanted to come here; of course she wouldn't want to leave)]

[instead, she just completely ignored him; she didn't even look at him as she hurried to Lilith's side]

Are you all right?

[she knew Abel wouldn't have hurt her, at least not on purpose-- she viewed him as more negligent than malicious]
... Are all the trolls the same age? One told me that they had "reached their fifth wiggling day", whatever that means, and that that meant that they were between nine and twelve in human years.

I didn't just spend three days dating a nine-year-old, did I?
[after having finished her training for the afternoon, Azula decides to go hang around on the Vatican's outdoor grounds for a while, instead of going to her room/Lilith's room/New Jersey like she normally would]

[she's wearing her uniform (AND SHE STILL DESPISES IT) as well as the three necklaces that she never takes off, and there's still henna tall over her arms and face because her life is special]

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[the feed opens to show Azula in a hospital bed at the Vatican, still sick-- it's nothing serious, obviously, but she was moved to the clinic area so that they could keep an eye on her when her fever spiked to keep it from turning serious; she's been largely out of it since Thursday morning]

[she sits up a little, groggily, pushing back the hair clinging to her sweat-soaked forehead; a cheery nun in a nurse's uniform comes over to give her a glass of juice]

[Azula asks her a few questions that aren't picked up by the video, and the nun's face turns more grave; she starts to answer, but doesn't get more than a few sentences in before Azula interrupts]


[she jumps up out of the bed despite the nurse's protests-- at first she's a little wobbly on her feet, but it doesn't take long for adrenaline to kick in, and she's gone before she can be grabbed]
[Azula arrives on time, toting a large platter of fried rice and a big bag of DVDs-- she borrowed all of Cuddy's plus a few more from a video rental place, wanting to give Lilith a wide variety to choose from]

[her hands are full, so she knocks on the door with her foot]
I'm not surprised. It's been months since we've had a virus; one was going to crop up sooner or later.

At least I'm not affected, so my training won't be delayed.
[Azula's walking quickly and purposefully through the Vatican, not stopping for anything or anyone-- she knows exactly where she's going, and she isn't going to let anyone keep her from getting there, no matter what]
[Azula's sitting in a chair, wrapped in a blanket-- it's thunderstorming outside; her favorite weather]

I think I might go to this Christmas party. I've been to them in past years and they've been all right. It's easy enough to avoid annoying people.

Lilith, you should come too.

[she shifts a little, looking out the window]

... I hope this storm lasts a long time.
[this is Azula, lying in bed with a pad of paper a fountain pen, and a gigantic dictionary]

[she's copying words from it]

[... she's almost at the Bs]
I don't think it's working.

I don't think it's going to work.

Anytime I try to sleep I just have these dreams. Torn-off heads. Dungeons. Father. Even normal things-- like beaches; the hot springs at Ember Island or learning to swim in the ocean-- they're all turning into nightmares.

I want to call Lilith. I want to call Lisa at work. I want to go train for five hours straight until my skin is on fire and my muscles are burning with pain.

This'll probably be visible. I locked it, but it probably won't work, and the world will know how pathetic I am. Not crazy. Just pathetic. They'll avoid me, which I won't mind until the next time I get lonely; they'll think I'm weird and creepy, which I will mind, because that's not what perfect warriors are like. I can't sleep.

My country is dying and I can't go help it because apparently I'm not strong enough-- I know I wouldn't be able to wrestle it away from Zuko and the rest of the traitors with the way I am now and knowing that only makes it worse.

Soon, this'll go away and I'll be able to rest again, and I'll be able to trick myself into thinking that I'm close to being back to my old self. And then it'll repeat itself. Again. And again. And again. No end in sight.

It's no wonder people say they'd just let me drown. Father would do the same thing.
[Azula's looking for Lilith in the Vatican's hospital, so they can leave for Larsa's world]
I'm disowning everyone because they're stupid and horrible and confusing and I HATE THEM and I HOPE THEY DIE.

And that goes for all of you. Everyone on every world. Go away from me.

[ooc: related to this little bit of Azula trying to identify with someone and FAILING MISERABLY because... well, she's Azula]
I found my sent messages.

Disregard anything and everything I said.
Being seventeen doesn't feel any different.

... If I said I'd do something with you today and then I didn't show up, I suppose we can arrange something in its place.
I'm not going back to detention. Ever. All the staff here are perverts!
[the audio feed only stays on for about five seconds: enough to catch a few moments of silence, then a loud, sudden sream]

[ooc: REFERENCE; it's just Cori's nightmares]
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Why would someone give me gifts and want to go places with me when he very well knows that I'm not exactly found of him? Especially considering how, despite what he says, it's been clear that he's not very fond of me, either?

This is why I hate people.
I need something to make bruises and cuts heal or disappear quickly. Magic, advanced medical technology-- I don't care. I just need it as soon as possible.




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