[Azula's sitting out on the hotel suite's balcony, enjoying the night air and looking contemplative]

[she's fingering a necklace-- a simple gold chain-- that some might recognize as one that she always wears under her clothing, and in her hand is a hand-held tape recorder]

[she presses the "play" button, and her own tinny-sounding voice comes out of the little speakers:]

Say something.

[livejournal.com profile] hotpinkaura follows:]

"Okay... hi, little machine thing. ... Okay, that just sounded stupid. Is that enough, Azula?"

[Azula rewinds; she plays the recording a few more times before setting the device down and staring off into the night]
I can't come to visit France; I have to stay here because--

I saw them; they were stupid enough not to lock their conversation and I saw them talking; they're going to try to take me away and I have to stay here.

They can't have their petty little revenge. I need to be ready when they come for me.
[Heeeeeeeere's Azula limping into her room at Cuddy's house after her latest (and last?) tangle with the Joker-- she's sporting several bad cuts and bruises and a black eye, and she holds a badly sprained right arm protectively against her side as she flops down on the bed]

... Fine. I'm not doing it again.
[When she starts talking, her voice is steady and normal-- after all, nothing's wrong]


I've been incredibly busy today. Seven meetings in a row, three of them with generals from the front-- where things are, of course, going well. I didn't even make it to the spa toda--

[Her voice cuts off; she's just tried to worldhop to New Jersey and discovered that it doesn't work]

... Well, that's odd. Does the magic of these feathers wear off after a while?

[And trying again]

... It's not working.

[A third time]

Why isn't it working?

[She grabs the book and YELLS into it]


[OOC: Reference! 8)
It's New Year's Eve. Do I have to watch over more drunkards?



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