Finding a tall tower really shouldn't be this impossible.

[ooc: Reference to all this stuff in here.]
For those of you hanging around on the main community, don't any of you dare tell--

[She stops suddenly, with a sharp intake of breath; there's a low growl of anger at herself for feeling the way she does, and she suddenly SLAMS her fist down on her desk with a loud bang]

[Then she remembers to switch off the audio 8)]

Don't any of you dare say anything. Is that clear?


Dr. Cuddy, I want to talk t-- I wish to speak with you when you get home from work.
[Have an Azula wearing red harem pants and a loose tunic-style shirt (this is video because she wants to show off her new clothes, OF COURSE), and looking to be in a better mood than she's been in recently (NO MORE WHINING, YAY)]

So as it turns out, I did go shopping last weekend. It wasn't as difficult as I had expected to find Earth-style clothes that I like, and I suppose--

[Suddenly Rachel starts making some cute happy gurgling noises offscreen; Azula gives the crib a quick, slightly irritated glance]


As I was saying, I suppose it makes sense to wear Earth clothing during the times that I'm on Earth; I was getting quite sick of people asking me if I was dressed up for a play. And they never seemed to like the answers I ga--

[And she's cut off again, this time by herself, as she starts to sneeze six, seven, eight times in rapid succession]

... Ugh. That's disgusting.

[Winter colds are a bitch when your body's not used to the climate 8)]
I have to learn how to play poker.

If it actually happens, of course. You people go on and on about how I don't know how to be polite, but at least I know not to try hosting a gathering somewhere without asking the owner's permission. It's incredibly inconsiderate.

I'll be watching my tea. If anyone tries to get smart and spike it with anything, we'll have more than words.
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At this point, I don't care if it's risky-- assassination threats aren't going to keep me from going to the palace spa anymore. There's a reason we have it, and without me, it's sorely underused.

IC quizzes are fun, lalala )

I'm curious-- how much stock do people put in silly "quizzes" like this? It's too much like fortune-telling for my taste.
It's all Father's fault. Being Fire Lord was just like I had always imagined it would be, but then he had to ruin everything. Now? It's all WRONG.

But I'm not insane. I'm not breaking.

... I'm homesick. No matter where I go, I'm always homesick.

That's not even the right word. Pathetic.
[Have a shot of Azula standing in front of her big bathroom mirror, putting on lipstick and using makeup to cover up the dark circles under her eyes. She's just finishing up when the video starts, so this only takes a couple of moments-- after she's done, she steps back and is about to go back into her room... but suddenly she turns back to the mirror, a frown on her face. Peering critically into the mirror, she turns this way and that, examining her figure (mostly her chest) as she does so. Her fingers skim along the the bottom of her shirt, like she's contemplating pulling it off, but at the last moment she decides not to.

Satisfied, she turns on her heel and walks out.]

OOC: Eris told her she didn't look completely perfect. Woe.
Two days ago, the former Fire Lord Ozai agreed to surrender his false claim to the throne without a fight, in order to stop the wave of assassination attempts that had plagued him. His actions were commendable; the capital is currently far more peaceful and stable than it was even yesterday, and it grows more so by the hour. He is currently being kept under house arrest in his wing of the palace-- access to the community has not been denied him, but no worldhoppers will be allowed in or out. I, of course, have returned to take my rightful place as Fire L--

[Suddenly the door bangs open, and a man's voice can be heard shouting:]

Ozai is the true Fire Lord! Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor, and traitors must die!

[There's the sound of a struggle, and of fire crackling, and then the audio cuts out]

OOC: All replies will be forward-dated by about an hour, she will totally talk out of her ass and insist that the Fire Nation capital is less chaotic and dangerous than it obviously is, etc., etc.

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[Azula is lying in a hospital bed, bandages wrapped around her shoulder and abdomen. She stirs a little, giving a slight groan, and opens her eyes. Her hand goes up to her face for a second, then she glances around the room as much as she can from her position.]


[But then she realizes that she's not at Princeton-Plainsboro-- or any hospital she's been in before, for that matter.]

What's going on?

OOC: I'm not sure how much I'm going to be around on the official end-event day (Friday), so I wanted to get this post done while I still have time to respond to comments. Sorry if it's confusing, but I won't be forward-dating comments outside of this entry or making any other posts, so it shouldn't be too bad. :P
This is wrong. This is all wrong; this isn't supposed to happen. Things are supposed to be normal here! This is my world. I don't want to be from "the Fire Nation", I want--

Whoever did this, change it back. Change it back NOW!

OOC: The Eris thing is starting to wear off, but it's not completely gone yet. She still has her AU memories as opposed to her real ones, and therefore, she still wants to be from this world, but she's aware enough of reality to know that she's not. lol emo DX
... That became a lot more acceptable after it had started to wear off a bit.
The Fire Nation has had quite a few enemies show up here lately.

It doesn't matter. Father's appearance far outdid all of that.



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