Aug. 25th, 2011 12:39 am
[all you people who are daydreaming about making out and the like? are kind of nudging Azula's imagination in one particular direction]

[she's sitting at her desk in the Vatican, writing something in a piece of paper... and then suddenly it cuts to a girl sneaking up behind her and throwing her arms around her neck]

[Azula shakes her head and the image dissipates, only to be replaced by another one with the same girl about ten seconds later-- this time she approaches Azula from the front, leaning in and kissing her on the lips--]

[-- and it's gone again, back to Azula at the desk]

[one last time the scene changes, this time showing the two of them lying on a bed, full-blown making out and possibly getting a little... hot and heavy]

[back in reality, Azula makes a face, puts away her things, and leaves the room to go train]
"No" means "no".

"Go away" means "go away".

"Stop talking to me" means "stop talking to me".

None of that means "mock me and deliberately try to irritate me for fun".

They all think it's funny. Annoying me. Bothering me. Making me angry. And then they act all surprised and affronted when they provoke a reaction that they don't like.

They could consider themselves lucky. The reaction could have been worse.

Tommy. Ichigo. Matt. Cross. More.

It's pathetic.

I've always been an amazing little sister.
... I would have stayed there and died; I really would have.

And that part wasn't the virus.
I have a sister. A sister.

[she says this a few more times, rolling it around in her mind]

... Hm.
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