It shouldn't have made her come back.

This place is dangerous.
I didn't enjoy the beach party, as I knew I wouldn't-- but I didn't re-break my leg, even while sitting on Lilith's shoulders. It would have been fine if it were anywhere else, even with all the strange things that happened (Jack Sparrow, do you actually want all these pictures? I'm going to delete them off of my camera). However, I seem to have given at least one boy the impression that I can be easily convinced to do things. I think it's best for everyone that I clear that up.

I may usually be polite, but I'm not usually nice. If you want someone to do something for you, I am generally not the best person to go to. I understand that I might have given some people the wrong impression by showing up at a party that I clearly had no real desire to go to, but I had my reasons, and none of them involved being an easily-persuaded or indulgent person. And for now, I'm just glad to be off of that world.

That is all.
First of all, I don't really have any major problems with you. I don't even dislike you, and I meant it when I said that you seemed like you were probably a good friend. But we need to clear something up.

I may not be a good friend or "moirail" or any of those things, but the idea that I'm attempting "pale infidelity" or trying to steal anyone away is completely untrue. You don't need to protect Aradia. If she has a problem with me, she'll tell me herself, and the fact that she hasn't means that she doesn't need to. I don't like Vriska because I want to be her moirail or take her away from anyone. I like her because I know what's going on with her, or at least I think I do. I know what it's like to do things that make people hate you, and to be dismissed no matter what you're saying. I know what it's like to grow up as a fighter, and even though I'm glad I was raised the way I was and I largely don't regret having my father or doing what I did, I know what it's like to not have a choice unless you want to be killed, punished, or banished. I know what it's like to have a parent who would destroy you if you failed them. And I know about a lot of other things that might not apply to her, but may in the future-- being made strong at the expense of everything else, not knowing how most people work, hurting people you like (even by accident or with good intentions), and sometimes even being really lonely.

I don't really care about most people, and I understand even less. But she's like me, and I care about her, and I'll help her out anytime she needs it. She's not my "moirail" and I'm not trying to make her be. She's like a younger sibling or a smaller version of me; I don't know.

Just quit worrying about it; everything's fine.
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I quite enjoy having perfect eyesight, and I never really realized how irritating having to wear glasses was until that virus.

That was hardly the worst part of it, of course, but it's the only thing I'm willing to discuss.

[Azula shifts the camera back to show her nightstand in her bedroom at the Vatican]

It's over, though. And look what Lisa's done for me with something called "photo paper".

[the table is covered with printed photographs in frames-- most are of Cuddy (some including Rachel) or Lilith, but there are a couple of Ty Lee shoved in the back]

My camera was getting full, and she asked me if I wanted a second memory card, or some prints. I opted for this.

Maybe I should start collecting them.
I need to create two separate categories on my phone: "people who I don't mind hearing from" and "drunken idiots who got my number from the community".
[Azula's sitting on the couch talking into her community book, with Rachel (who keeps trying to grab at her necklaces, especially the rosary) crawling around next to her]

I think I'm starting to get better, so I won't be sitting around here forever anymore-- I'll start going to the Vatican again during the day, and also hopefully some place warm. No matter how high the heat's turned up in here, it still feels cold.

[she bats Rachel's hands away from her again]

Not to mention the fact that I think there's something about it that makes toddlers go stir-crazy. Even though the nanny's here, she's still following me around.

... I wish we lived where Ryan does, where it never gets snow.
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Most people.
When the little boy masquerading as Fire Lord is defeated, the uprising that takes him down will rip off his mother's head before his eyes.

And I'll laugh.

... I'm going to need another worldhopping device, eventually. My old one is-- my old one was lost.

Payment will be given as soon as possible.
[Much like Zuko, Azula is pacing too; the only difference is that she's inside, and Rachel is following behind her trying to catch her feet (needless to say, she goes unnoticed)]

"Slipping". He thinks I'm slipping. He thinks I can't do it; he thinks I'm weak. He doesn't even get that ruling is the easy part; it's the idiots here that cause all the trouble, like Cain and the Joker and everyone that wants to do things because of me--

[She suddenly stops and stares straight out the window]

But I'm a good ruler. I am.
I have an extremely hypothetical question concerning complete idiots who may or may not be attractive and engaged.
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I'm never going to kiss another person again. Ever. End of story.

After this paperwork is finished, I'm going to go back to New Jersey, play cards with Lucas, and ignore the community.
I'm curious-- how many people have enemies here? And if you do, how long have they stuck around?

Mine seem to come in waves. I've seen a few Avatars, and more than a few Zukos... but most haven't been from my world, and they never stay long.

Perhaps they're intimidated.
It's pathetic the way people think they can bother or scare you with their words, isn't it.

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I'm going on vacation.

Does anyone want to come?
What exactly does it mean to "ground" someone? I can think of a few possibilities, but none seem likely.

[ooc: Cuddy mentioned it to her in passing; educate her.]
[Heeeeeeeere's Azula having a good old-fashioned freak-out-- storming around her room, throwing fire, smashing a few things, and probably scaring the servants half to death]

[she's also ranting like crazy (... okay, pun intended) and even crying a little bit; basically, all of her frustrations/anger/~*emo*~/etc. about Ozai, Ty Lee, the Fire Nation, the community, and EVERYTHING are coming out right now]

[A few relevant words may be audible here and there (idk what, it doesn't really matter; make shit up if you want), but mostly all that can be heard is:]

It's not fair; it's not fair; IT'S NOT FAIR!
[She's still in the same empty, alternate-universe room as before]

... You've all gone insane.
[When she starts talking, her voice is steady and normal-- after all, nothing's wrong]


I've been incredibly busy today. Seven meetings in a row, three of them with generals from the front-- where things are, of course, going well. I didn't even make it to the spa toda--

[Her voice cuts off; she's just tried to worldhop to New Jersey and discovered that it doesn't work]

... Well, that's odd. Does the magic of these feathers wear off after a while?

[And trying again]

... It's not working.

[A third time]

Why isn't it working?

[She grabs the book and YELLS into it]


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Dec. 17th, 2009 07:41 pm
Azula nonchalantly strolled down the hallway of the school, trying to act casual. There was no reason anyone should suspect anything-- after all, why shouldn't the nurse's daughter be walking out of the nurse's office? Anyone who saw her would just assume that she had been going to see her mom; there was no reason for anyone to suspect the real reason.

Like that she might sort of have a girlfriend.

And she was (hopefully) going to end up skipping out of sex ed. class entirely.

And if she wanted information about... things she'd have to do to keep herself from getting any nasty diseases, she'd have to find her information from the free pamphlets that she had just snuck out of her mother's office.

Her face went red just from thinking about it.

It was after school. Most of the students and teachers should have gone home. Hopefully there was no one else around to catch her.

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