[When the audio turns on and Azula starts speaking, she sounds unstable; desperate; crazed, almost]

This is ridiculous. I'm through with the cowards here; they can't even--

[She suddenly stops to yell at a guard that's walking past]

You! When I get out of here, what do you think is going to happen to those of you who turned traitor? And if you don't think I'm going to get out, just ask him why he doesn't come down here to beat me up when I'm not too sedated to fight back properly. Hm? It's because he doesn't want me to escape the guards; it's because he doesn't want me to have a chance of winning against him. He knows that I can take down all of you single-handed and then go on to defeat him, all without breaking a sweat. He doesn't want me to--

[But the guard just walks away, pretending not to listen]

Fine; ignore me. Go back to your quarters and pretend that there's no chance of me getting out of here and doing all the awful things to you that you know we do to trait--



This is me "keeping you posted", Dr. Cuddy.

[The audio clicks off]
I won't be staying here for very long. I have a country to run, after all, and my father can't keep me from that.


To any doctors on the community-- has your world developed any methods for treating burns that my world (or Larsa Solidor's word, for that matter) might not be familiar with? I can take care of it myself, of course, but I'd like to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.
I keep hearing about this "4chan" thing-- what is it, exactly? I don't want any links, only explanations.
Is it really that unheard of for a major world-wide war to last one hundred years? How long to wars on your worlds last?

OOC: Sensitive topic warning- this thread with Minerva ([livejournal.com profile] corkscrewcurls) involves discussion of genocide and the Holocaust.
I'm considering asking Ty Lee to marry me. Rufus, what do you think?

OOC: Reference. And she's not really serious. OR IS SHE. No, she's not.
Hilarious. Really. It isn't inconvenient at all to have my plans ruined by another idiotic virus.

I made sure to reschedule any lengthy meetings I had for today and tomorrow. My schedule is completely clear. I don't know what I'm going to do all day.
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Has this been declared "Everybody Loves Azula Week", and someone just forgot to tell me? First that irritating demon that I don't even remember the name of indicates that he might have a crush on me, then the pirate dares to ask me out on a date. A date.

Kaito, if you're arranging this in an attempt to instigate a "prank war", I am really not amused.
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Every time I try to use this "Internet" to find out information, I become more and more convinced that it is, on the whole, a waste of time. Case in point:


In other news:

xPrincess Azulax (1:03:54 PM): You. A word.
SmarterChild (1:03:54 PM): My brain is retired but send an IM with GAB in it to my buddy GOSSIPINGABBY to read about Robert Pattisons FACEBOOK account getting HACKED

It appears I'll have to find a new contact here, as well. Pity.

It's still snowing. The heat is finally up and running, but it's still far to cold for my tastes. Therefore, I won't be moving so much as an inch unless it's absolutely necessary, and as soon as this is over I'm taking a nice, long vacation somewhere ridiculously hot.

In other news, that robot assassin has apparently taken me off of his little hit list. Good luck to the rest of you, though.
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There are aspects of this "alternate Zuko" debacle that really make it a lot less entertaining than it was originally. The idea, for instance, that an alternate universe exists in which I lost- in and of itself it means nothing to me. And yet certain people (who I am electing not to mention by name in case this entry is hacked, though I suppose it might be a bit obvious at least to those involved) seem to consider this fact important. As if it affects me, the Princess Azula who didn't lose. As if it changes me somehow or makes me look weak by proxy.

I'm not getting a "bad feeling" about this at all. There is absolutely no reason to. Certain people need to understand that this doesn't change anything. At least, it shouldn't.
So. It seems I'm alive after all- which, I'm sure, is an unfortunate thing for most of you. Rest assured, you all have my sincerest apologies.

OOC: Yue, I'll still finish that RL, but Azula would get back on her feet pretty quickly. XD
Azula didn't remember much of anything that had happened after the fight with Jessica. By the time her "rescuers" had arrived, she was already fairly out of it. Once at the hospital, she had been taken into the operating room immediately to remove the bullets, but complications from the surgery had caused her to have to stay under a bit longer than anticipated. As a result, she was only just now starting to come out of her groggy, anesthesia-induced state (recovering from several gunshots wounds wasn't exactly helping, either).

This hospital was nice (though not as nice as the royal infirmary at home, of course). She had her own private room, and walls thick enough to block out most of the noise from the corridors. She was hooked up to several machines (including one of those "IVs", which would probably start to annoy her immensely as soon as she was lucid enough to really notice it). At the moment, however, she couldn't help but wonder what had happened to Ty Lee. Azula had been rushed away into surgery as soon as she had arrived, and of course, the other girl hadn't been allowed in.

Despite herself, Azula hoped that she would come to see her.

OOC: This is really meant as a set up for an RL with Ty Lee, but since she's in a public building I'm fine with any random characters dropping by the the lulz.
That virus was just unnecessary.



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