I need to create two separate categories on my phone: "people who I don't mind hearing from" and "drunken idiots who got my number from the community".
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I'm probably going on a ride in an airplane in a week. I've never been on one before, but I've wanted to ever since I found out what they were.

... I'm looking forward to it, I suppose. As long as they don't find out that my papers are forged and arrest me.
"You dared to love, but yet, you could never protect her".
Just so everyone knows, I absolutely hate Larsa S

The next time someone decides to grab me and kiss me, they

Lilith, I hope you weren't


Fire Lord Ozai-- my father-- has been dead for over nine months.

[ooc: reference for the first part lol]
[Azula is lying in bed all snuggled up next to someone, so she is NOT soliciting hugs from the comm anymore tyvm]

According to the typical virus timeline, this should all be over by tomorrow.

Of course, the last time that people were affected by multiple viruses, it lasted quite a bit longer.

[ooc: she's affected by Truth and Affection viruses]
People should really try as hard as they can not to make inappropriate or suggestive video posts, because some of us are affected by viruses that make such things incredibly awkward.

Thank you.
... I suppose I could come back and visit sometime, if you're really that bored.
I'm not crazy. Anyone who really knows me knows I'm not crazy, and anyone who thinks I'm crazy is--

I couldn't do HALF of what I do if I were insane! I don't think anyone knows the meaning of the word. They throw it around because they want to rile me up, but it doesn't mean anything.

If I were really crazy I'd be dead by now.
Stop breaking into my house.



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