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I didn't enjoy the beach party, as I knew I wouldn't-- but I didn't re-break my leg, even while sitting on Lilith's shoulders. It would have been fine if it were anywhere else, even with all the strange things that happened (Jack Sparrow, do you actually want all these pictures? I'm going to delete them off of my camera). However, I seem to have given at least one boy the impression that I can be easily convinced to do things. I think it's best for everyone that I clear that up.

I may usually be polite, but I'm not usually nice. If you want someone to do something for you, I am generally not the best person to go to. I understand that I might have given some people the wrong impression by showing up at a party that I clearly had no real desire to go to, but I had my reasons, and none of them involved being an easily-persuaded or indulgent person. And for now, I'm just glad to be off of that world.

That is all.

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What was that? You may usually be polite?

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To people who haven't shown that they don't deserve it, that is.

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[someone disbelieves]

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I suppose it would be too much to get you to recognize that most of our disagreements are started because you like jumping into my posts with unnecessary comments like this.

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Ooooi. What makes you think I'm talking about me?

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You're one of the only people left who I don't bother being polite with, largely because we met when I was rude to everyone and you've always been a jerk.

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You're still kinda rude to a lot of people-- not everyone, I'll give you that, and you are better than how you were-- but I wouldn't call you generally polite.

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andthehat: (Son I am disappoint)

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Why would you delete them? They're beautiful
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Thank you kindly. You don't want to keep any for yourself? Fond memories and all that.
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Swimming would have made it a far better party for you.

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Having it take place in another location would have made it a far better party for me.

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deathfangirl: (alive - teasing s0llux)

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y0u enj0yed it a little
and i think y0ure very nice
but n0t a push0ver
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y0u seemed t0 enj0y the game maybe?

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I suppose it was all right.
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well thats s0mething then!

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I still wish the party had been held somewhere else.

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Yeah, sure, okay.

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I believe you, I just think you took me too seriously.

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Better too seriously than not seriously enough.

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Sure if you want to be boring.

Anyway, don't worry. I didn't expect any different.

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