Sep. 17th, 2009

I already have an entry tl;dring about how she sees/relates to people, but charts are good, too. 8)

She cares about you, in a personal way-- and she wants you to like her back. These are the people that she's most likely to trust, or go to if she needs help or assistance. In turn, she'll step in for them if they need defense. If you hurt one of the people on this very short list, be prepared to run, and fast.
Your opinions matter. She respects you, and possibly even looks up to you, depending on the situation. She might not necessarily really care about you as a person, but you do impress her, which is pretty difficult to do.
You're useful to her, either as an ally or a pawn. She's going to keep an eye on you.
She doesn't mind talking to and/or being around you-- depending, she might even like it, either because you provide good company/conversation or a quick source of amusement.
Completely neutral, or undecided. Even if she's spoken to you a lot, she doesn't yet know enough about you to form a lasting opinion.
You frustrate and/or annoy her, sometimes a lot, but not enough that she wants to hurt you because of it. Be glad for that!
You annoy her enough that she wouldn't be adverse to hurting you, but for one reason or another, she's not going to. Maybe you're a friend of someone who's opinion she values, or she thinks you could be useful in the future... whatever the reason, you're safe (for now).
You aggravate her, and she would hurt you. She might not be actively hunting you down, but if you're in her reach when you annoy her, be prepared for a burning.
She would not hesitate to kill you on sight.

The people )

... Edit because wtf some people were labelled blue that shouldn't have been. 8|



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