Mar. 29th, 2009


Mar. 29th, 2009 05:08 pm
After "Ty Lee" had started talking about coming and grabbing her, Azula wasted no time in finding a place to hide. She finally settled on a big wardrobe in the corner of the unfamiliar bedroom she had found herself in. She climbed in and pulled the doors shut behind her, wiggling to the very back and curtaining herself with some of the strange-looking clothes that were hanging inside.

This was probably just some weird nightmare. A bunch of peasants who had no idea what the Fire Nation was? Grown-up Ty Lees and Zukos, who had things like gross-looking scars and foreboding-sounding fighting skills (Azula had no idea what "chi-block" meant, and she didn't really want to find out)? Definitely a nightmare. It was all Zuko's fault, probably. He'd been having bad dreams for about a week-- ever since their mother had disappeared-- and now he was passing them on to Azula. Stupid Zuzu.

Agitated and upset, Azula pulled her knees to her chest and sniffed. The wardrobe was a dumb hiding place. She wondered if maybe she should have gone to another room entirely-- but then how would her father ever find her when he came to pick her up? And besides, if she left now, she might run into the big Ty Lee in the hallway or something.

Azula shifted around a little, pulling at the clothes hanging in front of her to make sure there were no gaps. Then, getting an idea, she yanked some of the ones that were hanging on the other end and tucked them around herself, trying to make it look as if she was just a pile of laundry. She curled up underneath the clothes as tight as she could, sat very, very still, and waited.



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