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Yesterday a woman was threatening to force me to eat chocolate and "watch girly movies". Do you all have a profound inability to understand the idea that I simply don't find such inanities fun?


I'm still waiting.


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Well it certainly isn't nice to force people to do things, but why don't you think watching movies is fun?

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"Girly movies"? Ugh. Besides, I'm not a big fan of television in general.

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by girly movies. But think all the movies I've seen are lovely! What don't you like about them?

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Ones that are about typically girlish topics, I would assume.

I just don't see the appeal, that's all. I've seen bits and pieces of a few when I've been on vacation in worlds that have them, and they never held my interest.

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Girly movies are boring, but what's so terrible about chocolate?

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It's not terrible. I just don't see why someone would think that I'd worldhop over and eat it with them.

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I have no idea. Girls can be fairly idiotic.

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People in general can be extremely idiotic.

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On that, we definitely agree.

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But there are fun girly movies, Azula! Like this one where this man goes around in a playhouse. He's really ugly and he's a murderer but he loves this chorus girl a lot and there's this handsome prince-y dude who knew her since childhood and they sing a lot and it's just so sad at the end when she leaves the ugly dude in the basement of the play house. And she's all "bye you were fun but you tried killing my fiancee dude, get out creep!". It was kinda sad, I guess. Yeah, it was!

We should watch it! You'd like it!

((...Mikaela and Ty Lee watched a bunch of girly movies a few months ago. Only for the cute guys in them, of course.))

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... I highly doubt that. It has singing?

Besides, we don't have movies here.

OOC: XD Of course.

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Yeah, singing! It was real fun with this big ball scene with masks and everything!

So? We can go offworld to watch them!

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I'm generally not a big fan of balls, either.


OOC: ... Just out of curiosity, what movie is she talking about? XD

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But you had one for your birthday!

You'll think about it?

((Phantom of the Opera. Mikaela and her talked about watching it before, mainly for the star called Gerard Butler.))

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And I found it dull.

... Probably not.

OOC: ... Oh now I see it! XD When she said "playhouse" I was thinking of a little kid's playhouse or something, like a dollhouse. *l-lol fail*

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Awww, Azula...

((Playhouse because I don't think Ty Lee would make the connection of an operahouse. DX))

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Why do you want me to?

OOC: Haha, true.

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Because I thought we could have some fun.

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Is it really that important to you?

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What does that mean?
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