... Are all the trolls the same age? One told me that they had "reached their fifth wiggling day", whatever that means, and that that meant that they were between nine and twelve in human years.

I didn't just spend three days dating a nine-year-old, did I?
It's always interesting to see who this place is going to bring in. First it's an enemy from my world, then it's an ally from another. I would prefer more of the latter than the former, but it's not as if this place has ever taken requests.

I'm still training. It's going well. And when it's over, I'll be able to fight him properly.


I am still learning languages. This one is my favorite. I am getting better, but I am using a dictionary a lot.

I wonder if Zuko and his friends will think I am speaking in code to keep things from them.

[Azula's walking quickly and purposefully through the Vatican, not stopping for anything or anyone-- she knows exactly where she's going, and she isn't going to let anyone keep her from getting there, no matter what]
I wasn't at home for my birthday last year, either.
I can't come to visit France; I have to stay here because--

I saw them; they were stupid enough not to lock their conversation and I saw them talking; they're going to try to take me away and I have to stay here.

They can't have their petty little revenge. I need to be ready when they come for me.
When the little boy masquerading as Fire Lord is defeated, the uprising that takes him down will rip off his mother's head before his eyes.

And I'll laugh.


Jun. 17th, 2010 03:06 pm
[Azula is pacing again, and muttering to herself-- most of it's unintelligible, but some of it can be understood]

They don't want me. They accepted him and threw me away, and they thought I'd be just fine with it. Well, I'll show them. I'm not going to be fine with it. I'm going to--

... I'm going to keep doing amazing things.

[Then, louder:]

I'm going to keep doing amazing things.

[Suddenly she spins around and grabs her community book, speaking directly into it]

Do you hear me?
[a heavy, tired sigh]

I'm sick of this.
[The feed cuts in to show Azula sitting on her throne, clearly waiting for something; then two soldiers enter the room and bow, and one of them speaks]

Your Majesty, I'm afraid we have some grave news.

[Azula frowns]

Is it the Avatar?

... No, Fire Lord. It has to do with your lost allies, the soldiers Mai and Ty Lee.

[Azula freezes, and her face goes completely blank]

Go on.

We believe... we believe that we may have found their remains.

[video out]

[ooc: it's not really them; this is a plot for Setine to help get Brennan integrated 8)]
I'm curious-- how many people have enemies here? And if you do, how long have they stuck around?

Mine seem to come in waves. I've seen a few Avatars, and more than a few Zukos... but most haven't been from my world, and they never stay long.

Perhaps they're intimidated.
Sometimes I seriously wonder if all of you are this annoying on purpose. Maid cafes, talking animals that flirt with every woman in sight, and "anon memes"? Really? Is it too much to assume that the people here would have any standards at all? I'd say apparently so, considering the way you're all quickly becoming best friends with my mother. You did the same with Zuko; I think the majority of you will jump all over anyone who hates me. It's pathetic, really. And Father is still suffering under the delusion that if Mom decides that she wants me, I won't have any say in the matter-- which is absolutely ridiculous. Even if Lisa Dr. Cuddy finally decides to get rid of me, she is the last person I'd go with.

The next time I see her will be when I kill her.
Cut for length )

It's just bruising; I don't need to be in a--

There aren't any guards here.

This is the last place I should have come. They want me dead here. They wanted to turn me over to Zuko, and if they think I can't fight in this position, they--

[Ragged breathing; she sounds almost teary, but not quite, like she's holding back tears of pure frustration]

He took it all. He burned it all; he-- it was mine.

You think I won't fight back? You think I'm just going to give up? It's MY COUNTRY!

[When the audio turns on and Azula starts speaking, she sounds unstable; desperate; crazed, almost]

This is ridiculous. I'm through with the cowards here; they can't even--

[She suddenly stops to yell at a guard that's walking past]

You! When I get out of here, what do you think is going to happen to those of you who turned traitor? And if you don't think I'm going to get out, just ask him why he doesn't come down here to beat me up when I'm not too sedated to fight back properly. Hm? It's because he doesn't want me to escape the guards; it's because he doesn't want me to have a chance of winning against him. He knows that I can take down all of you single-handed and then go on to defeat him, all without breaking a sweat. He doesn't want me to--

[But the guard just walks away, pretending not to listen]

Fine; ignore me. Go back to your quarters and pretend that there's no chance of me getting out of here and doing all the awful things to you that you know we do to trait--



This is me "keeping you posted", Dr. Cuddy.

[The audio clicks off]
How far the once-mighty Fire Lord Ozai has fallen. Six years ago, who would have guessed that he would soon be reduced to acting like a common criminal-- attacking the ruler who so graciously granted his request for a visit, and mindlessly howling for punishment and execution?

The burn on my face is inconsequential. While the one on my arm is quite a bit more serious, I plan on continuing on with my duties as Fire Lord. Changing the bandages is messy, and training is always a bit more difficult with second-degree burns down one arm, but I was well aware of the risks that come with dealing with highly unstable, irrational prisoners-- because that is what you've become.

I've left this visible to you and only you, so that you have a chance to rethink your actions in private. I've already told you that you're treading on very thin ice; it's only fair to allow you to away from the other community members-- whose opinions seem to matter to you quite a lot.

Never let it be said that Fire Lord Azula was an unjust ruler.

[Directly after this conversation, the communicator book drops to the floor with a heavy thud]

I don't--

[She's speaking aloud to the dark, empty room, not realizing that the thing is still recording]

He sent a-- he--

[Azula's breathing quickens; becomes much more shaky and agitated-- it doesn't really sound like she's crying, but she's definitely upset about something]

[Her next word comes out as an almost inaudible growl] ... No.


They said I have it. I can't--

I'm the success; the one that matters. I'm important to you. You wouldn't allow me to die.

[The audio turns on with a clunk-- Azula dropped the communicator book by accident, and it started recording when it hit the ground]


[Her breathing is labored and unsteady, and she's slowly but steadily crawling across the ground-- she had been walking until vertigo and a massive headache made that impossible]

Just get away from me; I don't want you touching me, you disgusting little worm. Just LEAVE ME ALONE!

The Fire Nation has had quite a few enemies show up here lately.

It doesn't matter. Father's appearance far outdid all of that.



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