[the audio feed only stays on for about five seconds: enough to catch a few moments of silence, then a loud, sudden sream]

[ooc: REFERENCE; it's just Cori's nightmares]
When the little boy masquerading as Fire Lord is defeated, the uprising that takes him down will rip off his mother's head before his eyes.

And I'll laugh.
It's pathetic the way people think they can bother or scare you with their words, isn't it.

[ooc: pretend this is posted at like. 3AM ICly. 8|]
I'm going on vacation.

Does anyone want to come?
[Heeeeeeeere's Azula limping into her room at Cuddy's house after her latest (and last?) tangle with the Joker-- she's sporting several bad cuts and bruises and a black eye, and she holds a badly sprained right arm protectively against her side as she flops down on the bed]

... Fine. I'm not doing it again.
[Heeeeeeeere's Azula having a good old-fashioned freak-out-- storming around her room, throwing fire, smashing a few things, and probably scaring the servants half to death]

[she's also ranting like crazy (... okay, pun intended) and even crying a little bit; basically, all of her frustrations/anger/~*emo*~/etc. about Ozai, Ty Lee, the Fire Nation, the community, and EVERYTHING are coming out right now]

[A few relevant words may be audible here and there (idk what, it doesn't really matter; make shit up if you want), but mostly all that can be heard is:]

It's not fair; it's not fair; IT'S NOT FAIR!

Who put flowers in my room?


Jan. 23rd, 2010 06:50 pm

[She lets out a shaky-sounding breath, but when she actually speaks, her voice is completely stable]

I heard that some old members are coming back, without their memories-- Tony Stark, and so on. Is this true?
[She's still in the same empty, alternate-universe room as before]

... You've all gone insane.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just renounce people entirely.

[OOC: Reference. ♥]
I am never going to babysit drunk people again.

[OOC: Reference!
At least viruses like that don't take away time from our actual worlds. It'd be extremely difficult to explain to my court why I was missing for four days. And what's more, I have to find a good place to dispose of these idiotic pamphlets. Like I actually care about "HPV", whatever that is.

Actually, Mom, I have a ques--


Lisa, I have a question for you.

After all these "family" viruses, I suppose it was only a matter of time a slip-up.
I was NOT having sex in the library!

[OOC: Reference; reference. 8)]
[She sounds tired]

This is the fourth day of this virus, and so if the timeline is anything like the others, it should be the last. Of course, I think it's clear that this is not like other viruses. Even though my experience hasn't been all that abnormal so far, it's possible that--

[Suddenly she lets out a very undignified-sounding gasp, and there's a shattering of glass as she drops the teacup she was holding]

[Audio out]

OOC: lol the bb is kicking her and it's freaking her out 8| AND ANY REPLIES WILL BE FORWARD-DATED A LITTLE because she's going to go see if she can bum around in Cuddy's office.
At least there's no epidemic this time.

I'm ill. I'm going to stay in New Jersey until I get better. If anyone tries anything funny in the Fire Nation during this time I'll kill you.

I think that about covers it.

OOC: ... She's being affected by the pregnancy virus for the whole duration. >.> STARTING SYMPTOMS ARE A GO
Why would I disappear? She vanished from my world, so I vanished from hers? But they're not supposed to be connected; things aren't supposed to affect each other like that.

This is wrong.

... Do any of you even make plans for what would happen if you or one of your... one of your associates disappeared? Or do you just ignore the fact that it could happen?
[Have Azula bumming around Togusa's world, where she evacuated with Cuddy and Rachel-- she still looked exhausted and messy and gross 8)]

So they can't just show up here, can they?

... You have no idea what I'd do for a bath, a change of clothes, and a bed.
[She's lounging on the couch at Cuddy's house, looking pissy and maybe vaguely unsettled-- she's just musing to herself, really, but letting it record because she wants to brag about how awesome the Fire Nation is]

Gotham was a waste of time. I don't even know if he had a purpose in wanting me to come, but whatever it was, he didn't accomplish it.

[Shifting a little, fully facing the camera now]

It's ridiculous how many worlds let their criminals run free. The Fire Nation has relatively little crime, because insane people are institutionalized and other offenders are either locked up or executed. It's ironic how many people here are so quick to denounce us for our worthy and justified war, while saying nothing about other worlds' lazy law enforcement and idle governments.

[This next part is muttered under her breath]

If he does anything like that I suppose I'll just have to take matters into my own hands.

OOC: Reference (which is NSFW, and contains descriptions of child torture), particularly the thread where Crane is threatening to mail nasty stuff to Cuddy. Azula doesn't really care much about the kid or anyone else in that entry, of course. 8(
Not being able to worldhop by myself is incredibly inconvenient. If no one is willing to take you somewhere, you're stuck. Not that I particularly cared about going to Gotham, but now that I'm out of the hospital I need something to do.

... For everyone who doesn't have servants or private hairdressers: what do you do when you need a trim? Do you just cut it yourself?



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