When the little boy masquerading as Fire Lord is defeated, the uprising that takes him down will rip off his mother's head before his eyes.

And I'll laugh.

... I'm going to need another worldhopping device, eventually. My old one is-- my old one was lost.

Payment will be given as soon as possible.
[Much like Zuko, Azula is pacing too; the only difference is that she's inside, and Rachel is following behind her trying to catch her feet (needless to say, she goes unnoticed)]

"Slipping". He thinks I'm slipping. He thinks I can't do it; he thinks I'm weak. He doesn't even get that ruling is the easy part; it's the idiots here that cause all the trouble, like Cain and the Joker and everyone that wants to do things because of me--

[She suddenly stops and stares straight out the window]

But I'm a good ruler. I am.


Jan. 23rd, 2010 06:50 pm

[She lets out a shaky-sounding breath, but when she actually speaks, her voice is completely stable]

I heard that some old members are coming back, without their memories-- Tony Stark, and so on. Is this true?
[Have an Azula wearing red harem pants and a loose tunic-style shirt (this is video because she wants to show off her new clothes, OF COURSE), and looking to be in a better mood than she's been in recently (NO MORE WHINING, YAY)]

So as it turns out, I did go shopping last weekend. It wasn't as difficult as I had expected to find Earth-style clothes that I like, and I suppose--

[Suddenly Rachel starts making some cute happy gurgling noises offscreen; Azula gives the crib a quick, slightly irritated glance]


As I was saying, I suppose it makes sense to wear Earth clothing during the times that I'm on Earth; I was getting quite sick of people asking me if I was dressed up for a play. And they never seemed to like the answers I ga--

[And she's cut off again, this time by herself, as she starts to sneeze six, seven, eight times in rapid succession]

... Ugh. That's disgusting.

[Winter colds are a bitch when your body's not used to the climate 8)]
[She's lounging on the couch at Cuddy's house, looking pissy and maybe vaguely unsettled-- she's just musing to herself, really, but letting it record because she wants to brag about how awesome the Fire Nation is]

Gotham was a waste of time. I don't even know if he had a purpose in wanting me to come, but whatever it was, he didn't accomplish it.

[Shifting a little, fully facing the camera now]

It's ridiculous how many worlds let their criminals run free. The Fire Nation has relatively little crime, because insane people are institutionalized and other offenders are either locked up or executed. It's ironic how many people here are so quick to denounce us for our worthy and justified war, while saying nothing about other worlds' lazy law enforcement and idle governments.

[This next part is muttered under her breath]

If he does anything like that I suppose I'll just have to take matters into my own hands.

OOC: Reference (which is NSFW, and contains descriptions of child torture), particularly the thread where Crane is threatening to mail nasty stuff to Cuddy. Azula doesn't really care much about the kid or anyone else in that entry, of course. 8(
Azula had never been to Gotham. Strictly speaking, it had never been high on her list of places to visit-- she had never been made aware of any interesting people or places in the city (or on that world at all, really), and so during her time on the community it had mostly flown under her radar.

The Joker, however, had been trying to get her to come see him on and off for the past couple of months. All previous attempts had been shot down unceremoniously-- he was admittedly intriguing, yes but that didn't change the fact that he was a common criminal, and hardly the sort of person that she made a point of associating with. Strictly speaking, she wasn't sure why she had accepted his offer this time. Perhaps she was curious. Perhaps she just wanted to get out of the house. Perhaps she was feeling just a little rebellious.

If asked point-blank, she'd blame boredom.
It's Thursday. I want to go ho-

[There's like a fifteen-second pause here]

If I can't stay here I'll find somewhere to go.
[Azula is sitting in a chair in front of a big picture window-- she's purposefully positioned herself so that the city can be clearly seen behind her; it's Paris, for those who would recognize it]

Are you still so sure you know where I am, Father?

Look what "Dr. Cuddy" has in her backyard.

[She turns the camera to give a better view of the cityscape-- downtown Paris; the Eiffel Tower; other famous landmarks that can be easily identified through Google]

I'm sure you've realized by now that I do have my worldhopping feather. Therefore, I can be anywhere, at any time-- rendering your threats of exposure even more ineffective. I suggest that you stop now and save yourself some valuable time and energy.

[She brings the camera back to it's original position]

On another note, I'm glad I had the foresight to have a few pairs of chopsticks brought from the Fire Nation. I'm sure forks are all well and good for cooking with, but I will never understand the point of trying to eat with them. I can't be the only chopsticks-user who finds forks clumsy and unwieldy, can I?




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