[Here we have Azula coming down the stairs at Cuddy's house, going into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea before going back home. While waiting for the water to boil she stops to turn on the television, just because she can. Flipping through the channels, lalala... there's a baseball game, some cop show, an stylistic sequence of someone firebending-- WAIT A SECOND. She flips back to that, and curiously begins to watch what is, of course, the intro to the television show Avatar: The Last Airbender (which I looked for all over YouTube and COULD NOT FIND; it's all fan-made openings, sob).]

[When the opening titles end and she speaks, she sounds annoyed-- and genuinely surprised:]

It takes the Avatar's side?
We've been getting gifts delivered to the palace all week now-- even more so than usual, because nobody is coming for a celebration themselves. It's mostly artwork or heirlooms; they're never personal, obviously. Yesterday we received an antique vase that looks good in the portrait hall, but other than that, nothing has been all that interesting or of note.

I'll be off-world, and I'll be going out to a spa with someone in the afternoon, but other than that I have nothing planned. It'll seem odd for my birthday to just be like any other day, especially since it's my sixteenth.

Is this what it's like for commoners?
[When she first speaks, her voice sounds hollow, and incredibly, incredibly bitter]

I could destroy this place.

I could destroy this book, and destroy my worldhopping feather, and it would never be able to take anything from me ever again. And before that, I could--

[Three deep, shaky breaths; trying to calm herself]

I could forget everything. I did it before. It could make it all just be a dream, and make it so it couldn't have taken her, because she never existed.

[More breathing]

But I shouldn't--

It's not fair.

It's not FAIR!

[There's the shattering of glass, then a sharp cry of pain that sounds more surprised than hurt-- and it's right about then that she happens to look over at her desk and realize that all this is being recorded to the community]


Why can't this place just leave me ALONE!

[And after shrieking this directly at the book, she slams the recording off]


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Being a monster does not mean I'm a tyrant or a bad ruler.

OOC: Reference!
bentflame: (looking for a way out)
... It must have been one of those day-long viruses. Or a god, but since the one other person who was afflicted was completely random, it's not likely that--

It doesn't matter.


OOC: She can see again, so all replies/threads in her comm entry will be backdated! <3
My sixteenth birthday is in one month.

Things will have to be different this year.
As of yesterday afternoon, Fire Lord Ozai is in prison. An official hearing to decide on his sentence will take place on Monday afternoon, though I already know what I'm going to do. To anyone who saw that video post, it was inaccurate. I wasn't on Earth this morning, and I'm not considered a fugitive, nor have I been sentenced to death. I am still completely competent, sane, and in charge of my country, even when I'm physically off-world-- soon, my father will realize this.

I'm the Fire Lord. I can go where I want.

Someone tell me what "poker" is.
Can cars on most Earths fly? I never observed that phenomenon when I was in New Jersey.

OOC: lol reference.
[Audio opens with a man (presumably one of Azula's guards) talking:]

-- A big execution. We were only following orders, Fire Lord; the former Fire Lord Ozai knew killing your consort would be a good way to get at you, and we had no choice but to obey him. She cried for you when they strung her up.

[When Azula speaks, there's nothing in her voice but hot fury-- if she feels anything else, she's hiding it well]

If what you're saying is true, then you executed a prisoner without the ruling Fire Lord's consent-- I'm sure I don't need to tell you how illegal that is. I'll be looking into this, and if I find even a shred of truth to this statement of yours, every last one of you will pay! Do you understand me?

[After a humble-sounding "Yes, Fire Lord", the guard exits, and Azula makes a little hmph sound, as if trying to brush it off... then suddenly takes off for the bathroom. There's the muffled sound of vomiting. Lovely.]

OOC: Reference; Ozai is a dick. 8)
Two days ago, the former Fire Lord Ozai agreed to surrender his false claim to the throne without a fight, in order to stop the wave of assassination attempts that had plagued him. His actions were commendable; the capital is currently far more peaceful and stable than it was even yesterday, and it grows more so by the hour. He is currently being kept under house arrest in his wing of the palace-- access to the community has not been denied him, but no worldhoppers will be allowed in or out. I, of course, have returned to take my rightful place as Fire L--

[Suddenly the door bangs open, and a man's voice can be heard shouting:]

Ozai is the true Fire Lord! Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor, and traitors must die!

[There's the sound of a struggle, and of fire crackling, and then the audio cuts out]

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My sixteenth birthday is in about two and a half months. On my world, most people of royal and noble class marry when they're that age, and most of those marriages are arranged at least a year or so before that. As it stands, I'm already falling behind everyone else; no matter how much parents may want their son to marry the Fire Lord, they're not going to wait around forever. Whenever I do go back, I'll be stuck with someone that was unwanted by all the others for some reason-- because his family has a shameful history, or because he's a pervert, or because he's thirty years older than me. The Fire Lord will be given the last pick.

Things aren't supposed to be this backwards.

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