[So if I had a video of one of the times that she broke down crying during the finale I'd totally embed it here, but I don't, so you'll just have to use your imaginations. She is all-out sobbing, pretty hysterically, and there's a thumping sound as she bumps into something-- the wall, by the sound of it-- and just... slides to the floor. The crying continues, and when the audio cuts out a good five minutes later, she still hasn't shown any signs of stopping.

Folks, this is what happens when pretty much your entire life is shattered, and your first defense mechanism is to COMPLETELY ISOLATE YOURSELF. Mm-hm. PSA, right here. Oh God it's 1AM why am I even online.]

[Azula is sitting in a chair in front of a big picture window-- she's purposefully positioned herself so that the city can be clearly seen behind her; it's Paris, for those who would recognize it]

Are you still so sure you know where I am, Father?

Look what "Dr. Cuddy" has in her backyard.

[She turns the camera to give a better view of the cityscape-- downtown Paris; the Eiffel Tower; other famous landmarks that can be easily identified through Google]

I'm sure you've realized by now that I do have my worldhopping feather. Therefore, I can be anywhere, at any time-- rendering your threats of exposure even more ineffective. I suggest that you stop now and save yourself some valuable time and energy.

[She brings the camera back to it's original position]

On another note, I'm glad I had the foresight to have a few pairs of chopsticks brought from the Fire Nation. I'm sure forks are all well and good for cooking with, but I will never understand the point of trying to eat with them. I can't be the only chopsticks-user who finds forks clumsy and unwieldy, can I?

[Her speech is disjointed, and hard to follow; she starts off with a loud gasp]

I need to--

If she's-- bring Ty Lee to Dr. Cuddy, or that hospital that Tamaki...

If she needs it, than someone needs to-- I don't know where--

[Her voice cuts off; she continues a few moments later, trying as hard as she can to keep a clear head and appear lucid]

I am not in a position to leave the Fire Nation right now, but at some point I will need to speak with a community doctor. I don't think I...

[She groans just slightly; it's barely audible]

Just do it.

Even though I see the necessity of being here, I still hate hospitals. They're cold, uncomfortable, and above all, dull. I'm so bored that I've actually been watching movies.

If the Fire Nation had built that ship, it would never have sunk.


They said I have it. I can't--

I'm the success; the one that matters. I'm important to you. You wouldn't allow me to die.

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This is the "online" message box of Fire Lord Azula of the Fire Nation. Messages will be answered in order of importance. (Rude pictures will be deleted without exception.)

cell phone number (publicly available) | mailing address (available to close friends and creepy stalkers) | internet contact (publicly available)
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If no more problems occur [that is, if Father behaves himself], I will be returning to the Fire Nation early next week. Mai and Ty Lee, you are of course welcome to accompany me if you wish.

[This is ridiculous. I've never gotten the slightest bit homesick before, even on some of my longer campaigns. I suspect it has something to do with the... eventful way that I left the country, but that's really no excuse for such foolishness.

... I am glad that they're here, however.]

OOC: Sorry for the forward-date; there's a possibility I won't be able to get online at all tomorrow and I didn't want to miss the start of the virus! \o/ "Inner thoughts" are in red, and Azula can't see them herself, so she'll only know she's affected if someone's ~*nice enough*~ to point it out to her. ;)
Hmmm, what a shame. I liked this place better before all the traitors of my world were here-- and I've been here for them all. Let's see, we've had Zuko, Iroh, mother...

So what do you think, Zuzu? Are you going to refuse to talk to me the way you did last time?
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Extraordinary circumstances have prompted me to leave the country for a short while. Father, I have not abandoned my duties. I am closely monitoring the goings on of our world, and am capable of returning in a moment's notice if I am needed.

I have not failed you.
People are difficult. I doubt any of you can protest that.
I'm considering asking Ty Lee to marry me. Rufus, what do you think?

OOC: Reference. And she's not really serious. OR IS SHE. No, she's not.
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It has become readily apparent that hospitals are even more dull when you're not the one admitted. The war effort is decidedly uneventful at the moment, I'm not a fan of television, and there's only so many books one can read before even that becomes boring.

Someone; anyone. Amuse me.
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Every time I try to use this "Internet" to find out information, I become more and more convinced that it is, on the whole, a waste of time. Case in point:


In other news:

xPrincess Azulax (1:03:54 PM): You. A word.
SmarterChild (1:03:54 PM): My brain is retired but send an IM with GAB in it to my buddy GOSSIPINGABBY to read about Robert Pattisons FACEBOOK account getting HACKED

It appears I'll have to find a new contact here, as well. Pity.

It's still snowing. The heat is finally up and running, but it's still far to cold for my tastes. Therefore, I won't be moving so much as an inch unless it's absolutely necessary, and as soon as this is over I'm taking a nice, long vacation somewhere ridiculously hot.

In other news, that robot assassin has apparently taken me off of his little hit list. Good luck to the rest of you, though.
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I'm out of the hospital- which, unfortunately, means away from the majority of the painkillers. It's not as if I can't handle pain, of course; I'm not pathetic- I'd just really prefer not to have to. I took a bottle of pills with me, but there were only a few left at the time, and now it's completely empty. Apparently if I need a refill I'm to go to "the nearest Rite Aid". Obviously, that's going to be a bit difficult. I never thought I would miss that infernal IV drip.

So. It seems I'm alive after all- which, I'm sure, is an unfortunate thing for most of you. Rest assured, you all have my sincerest apologies.

OOC: Yue, I'll still finish that RL, but Azula would get back on her feet pretty quickly. XD
You're all fools. I can't imagine why any of you actually believed me.

OOC: For anyone wondering about the icon choice- I'm not going to have her get completely irrational and paranoid the way she did in the finale (think "The Southern Raiders" instead). But if you check the icon keywords... yeah. She is "slipping" a little bit. She recognizes that and wants to prevent it from getting any worse... so since a mind-wipe didn't work the first time around, she's totes going with suppression and self-delusion. DX

I will be turning fifteen not so long from now. Originally, my goal was to have the Avatar captured and destroyed by my birthday, but that was before we made plans to wait for the comet to arrive before launching a full-scale attack. Ideally I would have liked to be crowned Fire Lord beforehand, as well, but I am willing to wait just a little bit longer.

I have never really understood the purpose of birthdays- that is, making such a big deal out of them. I will be of marrying age at sixteen, so doubtless Father is going to start spending quite a bit more time this year searching for a suitable match for me. I can only hope that he'll leave me out of it as much as possible; the entire process bores me.

Additionally- for anyone who may have business with me to attend to, I will most likely be spending much of tomorrow at the royal hot springs, and will therefore be unreachable.

OOC: That last note is my way of saying that I'm moving into my dorm tomorrow and probably won't have time to obsessively check my email the way I normally do. ;)



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