Wolf-girl, are you actually planning on following through with your threat to come slit my throat? I'm a very busy woman, you see, and if you want to come try and fail to kill me I'd really like to work this out in advance.

Hm, not to mention the fact that that assassin still hasn't been caught. He hasn't shown up at your hospital, has he, Dr. Cuddy? I wonder if he'd concede to wait for a more convenient time, too.
What continuous one? I have had to terminate, in order to meet the today's relatively important day to me, because I cannot speak correctly. I am Azula princess of the nation of fire; I cannot appear in public while incompetent of speaking in anything but the gibberish. I can hardly understand myself. If it is a virus, it should be short.

OOC: I was going to sit this one out, but then I rediscovered this website. Yeah.
Is it really that unheard of for a major world-wide war to last one hundred years? How long to wars on your worlds last?

OOC: Sensitive topic warning- this thread with Minerva ([livejournal.com profile] corkscrewcurls) involves discussion of genocide and the Holocaust.
I feel like going south.
bentflame: (in charge)
So Zuzu doesn't want to execute me. Isn't that just adorable?
Well. That was certainly an interesting holiday.

I still don't see why any of you got me gifts (those that weren't immature jokes, that is). I don't celebrate the holiday, and besides- were you really expecting anything in return?



OOC: Yue, I'll still finish that thread in the party post if you want, but I'm setting this entry to take place after that. <3
I have come to the conclusion that Christmas is idiotic.

And don't give me any more of that 'peace and goodwill' nonsense. )

Fire Nation holidays are much more purposeful- and probably a good deal more enjoyable, too.
Zuzu, you can stop ignoring me now. I'm sure that as a responsible and mature "Fire Lord", you've gotten over yesterday's temper tantrum and are ready to conduct yourself in a civilized manner.

I have a few questions for you.

So, Karen. I've been meaning to ask you about something you said when you came to visit me a day or so ago- you know, the time when you unplugged one of my medical machines, and then attempted to smother me with a pillow. Do you have a moment?
You're all fools. I can't imagine why any of you actually believed me.

OOC: For anyone wondering about the icon choice- I'm not going to have her get completely irrational and paranoid the way she did in the finale (think "The Southern Raiders" instead). But if you check the icon keywords... yeah. She is "slipping" a little bit. She recognizes that and wants to prevent it from getting any worse... so since a mind-wipe didn't work the first time around, she's totes going with suppression and self-delusion. DX



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