Being a monster does not mean I'm a tyrant or a bad ruler.

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So as "punishment" for attempting to recover things that were stolen from me, Father's sent me on a vacation. Isn't that considerate? I don't know why you all keep complaining about him.
This is mostly in reference to the latest virus, I suppose, but it's also something I've noticed a lot on the community in general. Isn't there anyone here who doesn't refer to their significant other as "my love", or some variation of the phrase? Doesn't that seem to be... oh, I don't know, overkill? Not to mention overly flowery and sickeningly sweet.

I know at least some of you must agree with me.
Father has informed me that he has found someone who looks to be a promising match for me. We'll be meeting with him and his family tomorrow to discuss possible proceedings.

I can think of an infinite number of things that I would rather do.
[Her voice is tightly controlled; clipped and curt]

Well. That was certainly an experience.

Everything that I said and did is to be disregarded. Is that understood?



OOC: Karen-mun, I'm up for backdating that end-virus RL if you still want to. :) Aaaand just in case I forget to specify all responses to this post will be in text.
Queen Nancy. Do tell me more about these theories of yours; I find them incredibly enlightening. Is there anyone else who is creating an elaborate web of lies and deception for the purpose of taking me down when I least expect it? I really would appreciate it if you let me know- after all, we all know how easily manipulated I am; I would never figure it out on my own.

OOC: Reference! lol ilu Lylith.
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So Zuzu doesn't want to execute me. Isn't that just adorable?
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Every time I try to use this "Internet" to find out information, I become more and more convinced that it is, on the whole, a waste of time. Case in point:


In other news:

xPrincess Azulax (1:03:54 PM): You. A word.
SmarterChild (1:03:54 PM): My brain is retired but send an IM with GAB in it to my buddy GOSSIPINGABBY to read about Robert Pattisons FACEBOOK account getting HACKED

It appears I'll have to find a new contact here, as well. Pity.
That virus was just unnecessary.
My fifteenth birthday is in two days' time- and I must say, I'm not exactly looking forward to it. While I, of course, have no objections to parties and events being held in my honor, Father will undoubtedly spend the majority of the time attempting to introduce me to eligible young men- despite my repeated insistence that I have no interest in the entire dating process. Naturally, I will require that any match decided upon be approved by me, but beyond that I don't want any part in it. It just seems so... frivolous. Pointless. And yes, Ty Lee, I know you claim that it's "fun"- I don't care. I think it's silly- and not because I "can't get a date", to those smart-mouths who would suggest such a thing. I can assure you, there are innumerable men who would do anything for the chance to wed the princess of the Fire Nation.


I will be turning fifteen not so long from now. Originally, my goal was to have the Avatar captured and destroyed by my birthday, but that was before we made plans to wait for the comet to arrive before launching a full-scale attack. Ideally I would have liked to be crowned Fire Lord beforehand, as well, but I am willing to wait just a little bit longer.

I have never really understood the purpose of birthdays- that is, making such a big deal out of them. I will be of marrying age at sixteen, so doubtless Father is going to start spending quite a bit more time this year searching for a suitable match for me. I can only hope that he'll leave me out of it as much as possible; the entire process bores me.

Additionally- for anyone who may have business with me to attend to, I will most likely be spending much of tomorrow at the royal hot springs, and will therefore be unreachable.

OOC: That last note is my way of saying that I'm moving into my dorm tomorrow and probably won't have time to obsessively check my email the way I normally do. ;)
This idea of "love" is very strange. I understand that it manifests in many different ways- familial love, romantic love, the love of friendship, etcetera- but for the most part, I only understand these in logical terms. I have no real idea what they feel like, nor do I necessarily have a wish to.

However... if I do believe that I feel love for somebody, how am I supposed to know what type it is if I have nothing to compare it to? I suppose the fact that I didn't mind telling Ty Lee that she could refer to me as... that she could refer to me in a certain way might indicate something. That is, I didn't mind until she started openly broadcasting and calling attention to it, like an idio- in a very foolish manner. Still, to use such a word myself would just seem so... frivolous. I'm not quite sure why.
... This was worse than the virus where I had a husband (at my age!)- and trust me, that is saying quite a lot. First I was training an attack dog (which, given the nature of the virus, was probably another person)- really, it's not like I would actually do such a thing myself; that's what servants are for, after all. As if that wasn't ridiculous enough, I was then turned into a wolf, and forced to "care" for the aforementioned dog. And to top it all off, I was wounded by that vile, treacherous Eboshi woman.

This will not be happening again.

And I hope those nurses at this infernal hospital don't think I can't hear what they say about me. I'd hate to think I'm being attended to by people who are stupid as well as incompetent.
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OOC: Because I think I've been too dramallama in here lately. :/

Hopefully, this will clear things up for the few of you who have been a bit stubborn in regards to what I really am:

I am not familiar with this 'Hannibal Lector', but from the context I'd assume that he is quite formidable. Therefore, I think that this probably speaks for itself.

Also, you'll notice that I have this blocked from Ty Lee- this is because I have no wish to cause her needless anxiety. Convincing her that she has nothing to fear from me is difficult enough as it is. Also, I don't feel like being called a "monster" again. Therefore, informing her of these results would not be appreciated.



I don't understand. What just happened?

OOC: Uber-short aftermath of the kidnapping plot shebang.
OOC: Forward-dated to after the Family Unit Virus (though... it's like 4:30AM here so I guess that's over now XD)- part of the beginnings of the "Emotionally torturing Azula is FUN :D :D" plot. I hate myself sometimes. The things I do to the characters I love. D:

Ty Lee.

Where are you?
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An announcement to anyone who might wish to bother me sometime in the next few days:

I am going on vacation. No, I will not accept your latest challenge to fight you. No, I will not tell you where I am so that you can attempt to follow through with a challenge against my will. In fact, I am not planning on fighting at all, unless the need should for some reason arise. This is purely an attempt at rest and relaxation.

That said, if the Avatar is captured, I will of course return home early.
OOC: I know this virus is really supposed to be about having sex with the enemy, but we decided to forgo that because of the gigantic age difference (Azula's fourteen and Nancy's supposedly in her thirties). It'll still be wicked awkward anyway. XD

Azula, while not exactly a morning person, was typically an early riser. She often woke shortly after dawn to train- in the early morning, the palace grounds were next to empty (save from the odd servant here and there), and that was the way she liked it.

Today, however, the sky was only beginning to lighten when she became aware that someone else was in her bed. She wasn't awake enough to dispute this fact- her only objection was that whoever it was had pulled almost all the covers over to their side of the bed.

"Ty Lee, stop hogging the blankets," she muttered crossly, giving the corner of one a sharp tug.

OOC: Told you she'd think it was Ty Lee... XD



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