... Is it a virus?

[ooc: Worst Fear Virus here-- she will likely talk about beheadings, so comment at your own risk if you don't want to deal with that]
I'm disowning everyone because they're stupid and horrible and confusing and I HATE THEM and I HOPE THEY DIE.

And that goes for all of you. Everyone on every world. Go away from me.

[ooc: related to this little bit of Azula trying to identify with someone and FAILING MISERABLY because... well, she's Azula]
[Her voice is strained]

This can't be real; this is ridiculous. This--

Somebody tell Lisa to give me painkillers or something. NOW.

OOC: Okay SHE'S NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO GIVE BIRTH OBVIOUSLY, but this is the last day of the pregnancy virus for Azula! Tomorrow and Sunday she'll be affected by the Eros Day virus. 8)
[She sounds tired]

This is the fourth day of this virus, and so if the timeline is anything like the others, it should be the last. Of course, I think it's clear that this is not like other viruses. Even though my experience hasn't been all that abnormal so far, it's possible that--

[Suddenly she lets out a very undignified-sounding gasp, and there's a shattering of glass as she drops the teacup she was holding]

[Audio out]

OOC: lol the bb is kicking her and it's freaking her out 8| AND ANY REPLIES WILL BE FORWARD-DATED A LITTLE because she's going to go see if she can bum around in Cuddy's office.
[Here we have Azula coming down the stairs at Cuddy's house, going into the kitchen to make herself a cup of tea before going back home. While waiting for the water to boil she stops to turn on the television, just because she can. Flipping through the channels, lalala... there's a baseball game, some cop show, an stylistic sequence of someone firebending-- WAIT A SECOND. She flips back to that, and curiously begins to watch what is, of course, the intro to the television show Avatar: The Last Airbender (which I looked for all over YouTube and COULD NOT FIND; it's all fan-made openings, sob).]

[When the opening titles end and she speaks, she sounds annoyed-- and genuinely surprised:]

It takes the Avatar's side?
Even though I've never actually gone shopping on another world, it's interesting to see what styles and fashions are popular in other places. This, I believe, is all Earth-- most of the websites I encounter seem to be, and a lot of it looks familiar.

It does make me curious, however. If clothing similar to Fire Nation dress exists on Earth worlds, why am I always stared at when I wear my day clothes in public?

OOC: I AM SO ADDICTED TO THIS WEBSITE YOU HAVE NO IDEA. And I'm not even interested in fashion. Whut.
I'm not even going to get into how many inappropriate "quizzes" I came across on this particular website.

Cut for a buttload of random quiz meme things ffffff )

I find it amusing that I apparently have the historical and political knowledge of an "average American" when my score was abysmal (not that there's anything wrong with that; after all, I'm not an American). And as for the last one, and all others like it, it's illogical to think that answering a few innocuous questions or choosing a particular picture could say anything meaningful about your personality. Coincidentally, this particular one wasn't all that inaccurate-- except I don't have a protective streak.
Sometimes I seriously wonder if all of you are this annoying on purpose. Maid cafes, talking animals that flirt with every woman in sight, and "anon memes"? Really? Is it too much to assume that the people here would have any standards at all? I'd say apparently so, considering the way you're all quickly becoming best friends with my mother. You did the same with Zuko; I think the majority of you will jump all over anyone who hates me. It's pathetic, really. And Father is still suffering under the delusion that if Mom decides that she wants me, I won't have any say in the matter-- which is absolutely ridiculous. Even if Lisa Dr. Cuddy finally decides to get rid of me, she is the last person I'd go with.

The next time I see her will be when I kill her.
[She doesn't sound hazy and sedated anymore-- just exhausted]

Former Fire Lord Ozai.

I'm not giving up. You can try to keep me here forever and do whatever you want to me, but I always win in the end.

I'm stronger than you. I know I...

[Audio out]

The plague is now being treated successfully, both in the case of the Fire Nation citizens and the case of the former Fire Lord Ozai. I myself am well on my way to a full recovery, and have resumed my duties as Fire Lord.

Fire Lord Ozai is being held in solitary confinement in the prison here in the capital, and he is being monitored around the clock. Though he hasn't been barred from accessing the community, I am keeping a close watch on all his communications, and I will not tolerate any funny business.

That is all.
Even though I see the necessity of being here, I still hate hospitals. They're cold, uncomfortable, and above all, dull. I'm so bored that I've actually been watching movies.

If the Fire Nation had built that ship, it would never have sunk.

bentflame: (proud)
If no more problems occur [that is, if Father behaves himself], I will be returning to the Fire Nation early next week. Mai and Ty Lee, you are of course welcome to accompany me if you wish.

[This is ridiculous. I've never gotten the slightest bit homesick before, even on some of my longer campaigns. I suspect it has something to do with the... eventful way that I left the country, but that's really no excuse for such foolishness.

... I am glad that they're here, however.]

OOC: Sorry for the forward-date; there's a possibility I won't be able to get online at all tomorrow and I didn't want to miss the start of the virus! \o/ "Inner thoughts" are in red, and Azula can't see them herself, so she'll only know she's affected if someone's ~*nice enough*~ to point it out to her. ;)
What continuous one? I have had to terminate, in order to meet the today's relatively important day to me, because I cannot speak correctly. I am Azula princess of the nation of fire; I cannot appear in public while incompetent of speaking in anything but the gibberish. I can hardly understand myself. If it is a virus, it should be short.

OOC: I was going to sit this one out, but then I rediscovered this website. Yeah.
What in the-


Explain this.
I just had the most interesting conversation with my stalker, during which I made it clear that if she shows up at my house again with the intention of causing me bodily harm, I will be armed and ready. I have had extensive training in dealing with firearms, and am an excellent shot.

I suggest that anyone who values her health and safety should advise her to keep her distance.



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