Do you know what I'm getting really tired of? People trying to goad me into fights. Particularly when they're not subtle about it.

It may have worked when I was fifteen or so, but I've actually matured since then. It's a shame the same can't be said for some others.
I hate Cross Marian and everyone like him.

I also hate people who let people like him use them, don't even care that he's a self-absorbed jerk, and defend him even when he's being rude to and insulting their supposed friends.
... Fine.

I guess I'm coming back.
You're all wrong.

[ooc: she's referencing all the "different anons" here-- so, really, just Issei and Minatsuki, but she doesn't know that ♥]
Being seventeen doesn't feel any different.

... If I said I'd do something with you today and then I didn't show up, I suppose we can arrange something in its place.
I'm not going back to detention. Ever. All the staff here are perverts!
[Azula's sitting out on the hotel suite's balcony, enjoying the night air and looking contemplative]

[she's fingering a necklace-- a simple gold chain-- that some might recognize as one that she always wears under her clothing, and in her hand is a hand-held tape recorder]

[she presses the "play" button, and her own tinny-sounding voice comes out of the little speakers:]

Say something.

[ profile] hotpinkaura follows:]

"Okay... hi, little machine thing. ... Okay, that just sounded stupid. Is that enough, Azula?"

[Azula rewinds; she plays the recording a few more times before setting the device down and staring off into the night]
I need something to make bruises and cuts heal or disappear quickly. Magic, advanced medical technology-- I don't care. I just need it as soon as possible.

I'm not crazy. Anyone who really knows me knows I'm not crazy, and anyone who thinks I'm crazy is--

I couldn't do HALF of what I do if I were insane! I don't think anyone knows the meaning of the word. They throw it around because they want to rile me up, but it doesn't mean anything.

If I were really crazy I'd be dead by now.
When the little boy masquerading as Fire Lord is defeated, the uprising that takes him down will rip off his mother's head before his eyes.

And I'll laugh.



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