[Azula's sitting on the couch talking into her community book, with Rachel (who keeps trying to grab at her necklaces, especially the rosary) crawling around next to her]

I think I'm starting to get better, so I won't be sitting around here forever anymore-- I'll start going to the Vatican again during the day, and also hopefully some place warm. No matter how high the heat's turned up in here, it still feels cold.

[she bats Rachel's hands away from her again]

Not to mention the fact that I think there's something about it that makes toddlers go stir-crazy. Even though the nanny's here, she's still following me around.

... I wish we lived where Ryan does, where it never gets snow.
bentflame: (mild irritation)
Why would someone give me gifts and want to go places with me when he very well knows that I'm not exactly found of him? Especially considering how, despite what he says, it's been clear that he's not very fond of me, either?

This is why I hate people.
... Does he still have a crush on me? Still?

[... she is not sure how she feels about this]
People should really try as hard as they can not to make inappropriate or suggestive video posts, because some of us are affected by viruses that make such things incredibly awkward.

Thank you.
[Error: unknown template qotd]


Most people.
[The feed cuts in to show Azula sitting on her throne, clearly waiting for something; then two soldiers enter the room and bow, and one of them speaks]

Your Majesty, I'm afraid we have some grave news.

[Azula frowns]

Is it the Avatar?

... No, Fire Lord. It has to do with your lost allies, the soldiers Mai and Ty Lee.

[Azula freezes, and her face goes completely blank]

Go on.

We believe... we believe that we may have found their remains.

[video out]

[ooc: it's not really them; this is a plot for Setine to help get Brennan integrated 8)]
bentflame: (mild irritation)
I'm never going to kiss another person again. Ever. End of story.

After this paperwork is finished, I'm going to go back to New Jersey, play cards with Lucas, and ignore the community.

Who put flowers in my room?
Nothing bad is going to happen ever again.

I'll make sure of it.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just renounce people entirely.

[OOC: Reference. ♥]
I was NOT having sex in the library!

[OOC: Reference; reference. 8)]
For those of you who who have found alternate versions of your world through this place: have you ever brought someone from their universe to your own? And if so, what happened?

Also, Lisa. I have two questions.
At least there's no epidemic this time.

I'm ill. I'm going to stay in New Jersey until I get better. If anyone tries anything funny in the Fire Nation during this time I'll kill you.

I think that about covers it.

OOC: ... She's being affected by the pregnancy virus for the whole duration. >.> STARTING SYMPTOMS ARE A GO
Why would I disappear? She vanished from my world, so I vanished from hers? But they're not supposed to be connected; things aren't supposed to affect each other like that.

This is wrong.

... Do any of you even make plans for what would happen if you or one of your... one of your associates disappeared? Or do you just ignore the fact that it could happen?
Isn't Christmas over a month away? Why is everyone talking about it already?

It's all over Earth, too. I never bothered to ask last year; is it a national or a worldwide holiday?
For those of you hanging around on the main community, don't any of you dare tell--

[She stops suddenly, with a sharp intake of breath; there's a low growl of anger at herself for feeling the way she does, and she suddenly SLAMS her fist down on her desk with a loud bang]

[Then she remembers to switch off the audio 8)]

Don't any of you dare say anything. Is that clear?


Dr. Cuddy, I want to talk t-- I wish to speak with you when you get home from work.
[Have an Azula wearing red harem pants and a loose tunic-style shirt (this is video because she wants to show off her new clothes, OF COURSE), and looking to be in a better mood than she's been in recently (NO MORE WHINING, YAY)]

So as it turns out, I did go shopping last weekend. It wasn't as difficult as I had expected to find Earth-style clothes that I like, and I suppose--

[Suddenly Rachel starts making some cute happy gurgling noises offscreen; Azula gives the crib a quick, slightly irritated glance]


As I was saying, I suppose it makes sense to wear Earth clothing during the times that I'm on Earth; I was getting quite sick of people asking me if I was dressed up for a play. And they never seemed to like the answers I ga--

[And she's cut off again, this time by herself, as she starts to sneeze six, seven, eight times in rapid succession]

... Ugh. That's disgusting.

[Winter colds are a bitch when your body's not used to the climate 8)]
Fine, so it was a virus. But it wasn't a fear virus. Not for me.

[She's lounging on the couch at Cuddy's house, looking pissy and maybe vaguely unsettled-- she's just musing to herself, really, but letting it record because she wants to brag about how awesome the Fire Nation is]

Gotham was a waste of time. I don't even know if he had a purpose in wanting me to come, but whatever it was, he didn't accomplish it.

[Shifting a little, fully facing the camera now]

It's ridiculous how many worlds let their criminals run free. The Fire Nation has relatively little crime, because insane people are institutionalized and other offenders are either locked up or executed. It's ironic how many people here are so quick to denounce us for our worthy and justified war, while saying nothing about other worlds' lazy law enforcement and idle governments.

[This next part is muttered under her breath]

If he does anything like that I suppose I'll just have to take matters into my own hands.

OOC: Reference (which is NSFW, and contains descriptions of child torture), particularly the thread where Crane is threatening to mail nasty stuff to Cuddy. Azula doesn't really care much about the kid or anyone else in that entry, of course. 8(
Not being able to worldhop by myself is incredibly inconvenient. If no one is willing to take you somewhere, you're stuck. Not that I particularly cared about going to Gotham, but now that I'm out of the hospital I need something to do.

... For everyone who doesn't have servants or private hairdressers: what do you do when you need a trim? Do you just cut it yourself?



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