[This video post begins in a fairly unusual way: it showcases Azula, hanging over the edge of the ship]

[She's on one of the main decks, and holding onto the railing with one hand-- and yes, Larsa, she
is subtly teasing you with this]

[When she speaks, her voice is perfectly calm and even, as if she were doing nothing out of the ordinary or potentially dangerous]

This is our fourth day here, and if this virus is going to follow the timeline of others in the past, it may very well be our last.

I like it here. I wouldn't mind staying longer.
[the audio feed only stays on for about five seconds: enough to catch a few moments of silence, then a loud, sudden sream]

[ooc: REFERENCE; it's just Cori's nightmares]
bentflame: (mild irritation)
Why would someone give me gifts and want to go places with me when he very well knows that I'm not exactly found of him? Especially considering how, despite what he says, it's been clear that he's not very fond of me, either?

This is why I hate people.
It's weird not having any battle scars anymore. Up until a couple of years ago I barely had any at all, so I remember where every single one came from. I had a long one on my back from Father, but now it's gone.

I don't even feel like sparring right now. I want to vacation more.
"You dared to love, but yet, you could never protect her".
Just so everyone knows, I absolutely hate Larsa S

The next time someone decides to grab me and kiss me, they

Lilith, I hope you weren't


Fire Lord Ozai-- my father-- has been dead for over nine months.

[ooc: reference for the first part lol]
... Does he still have a crush on me? Still?

[... she is not sure how she feels about this]
Father has informed me that he has found someone who looks to be a promising match for me. We'll be meeting with him and his family tomorrow to discuss possible proceedings.

I can think of an infinite number of things that I would rather do.
Two viruses occurring in a row is not my idea of a good time. Particularly when both of them involve Karen.
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Should anyone else get it into their heads to come here and try to kidnap me, I would suggest you speak to Ty Lee and Mai first- I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you all about their failed attempt. They barely escaped arrest.

Let this be a warning to you all- I don't care whether you're under the influence of a virus or not. I am far from amused by these antics, and I doubt the police will listen to your pleas when you come to your senses in a jail cell.


Why are the people running this silly "Secret Santa" operation under the impression that I have signed up for it?

Ty Lee, I blame you.
I HATE snow.

I'm considering leaving the Fire Nation until this insanity clears up.

OOC: So uh, Jack-mun, I'm just going ahead and assuming the snowfall Aang requested has begun? If you didn't want to have it start this early, just say the word and I'll add a forward-date note to this. And I know you said it wasn't going to be HUGE LIEK X-BOX this time; Azula's just pissy at Karen <3 in general right now.
So. It seems there is now a psychiatrist on the community. I certainly hope that you will all be taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity- I can think of many who would benefit greatly.
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It has become readily apparent that hospitals are even more dull when you're not the one admitted. The war effort is decidedly uneventful at the moment, I'm not a fan of television, and there's only so many books one can read before even that becomes boring.

Someone; anyone. Amuse me.
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Has this been declared "Everybody Loves Azula Week", and someone just forgot to tell me? First that irritating demon that I don't even remember the name of indicates that he might have a crush on me, then the pirate dares to ask me out on a date. A date.

Kaito, if you're arranging this in an attempt to instigate a "prank war", I am really not amused.
... It's stopped snowing.
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Every time I try to use this "Internet" to find out information, I become more and more convinced that it is, on the whole, a waste of time. Case in point:


In other news:

xPrincess Azulax (1:03:54 PM): You. A word.
SmarterChild (1:03:54 PM): My brain is retired but send an IM with GAB in it to my buddy GOSSIPINGABBY to read about Robert Pattisons FACEBOOK account getting HACKED

It appears I'll have to find a new contact here, as well. Pity.
Zuzu, you can stop ignoring me now. I'm sure that as a responsible and mature "Fire Lord", you've gotten over yesterday's temper tantrum and are ready to conduct yourself in a civilized manner.

I have a few questions for you.

This is ridiculous. Didn't we already have a virus similar to this? The community is running out of ideas, it seems.

Someone give me a worldhop to... oh, I don't know; I'll figure out the destination when I need to. I just can't be seen around the palace like this.

OOC: I'll probably have her recover from this one pretty quickly, because it's so similar to the MRV.
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I'm out of the hospital- which, unfortunately, means away from the majority of the painkillers. It's not as if I can't handle pain, of course; I'm not pathetic- I'd just really prefer not to have to. I took a bottle of pills with me, but there were only a few left at the time, and now it's completely empty. Apparently if I need a refill I'm to go to "the nearest Rite Aid". Obviously, that's going to be a bit difficult. I never thought I would miss that infernal IV drip.




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