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I quite enjoy having perfect eyesight, and I never really realized how irritating having to wear glasses was until that virus.

That was hardly the worst part of it, of course, but it's the only thing I'm willing to discuss.

[Azula shifts the camera back to show her nightstand in her bedroom at the Vatican]

It's over, though. And look what Lisa's done for me with something called "photo paper".

[the table is covered with printed photographs in frames-- most are of Cuddy (some including Rachel) or Lilith, but there are a couple of Ty Lee shoved in the back]

My camera was getting full, and she asked me if I wanted a second memory card, or some prints. I opted for this.

Maybe I should start collecting them.
You're all wrong.

[ooc: she's referencing all the "different anons" here-- so, really, just Issei and Minatsuki, but she doesn't know that ♥]
I'm not going back to detention. Ever. All the staff here are perverts!
I wasn't at home for my birthday last year, either.
It's weird not having any battle scars anymore. Up until a couple of years ago I barely had any at all, so I remember where every single one came from. I had a long one on my back from Father, but now it's gone.

I don't even feel like sparring right now. I want to vacation more.
I need something to make bruises and cuts heal or disappear quickly. Magic, advanced medical technology-- I don't care. I just need it as soon as possible.

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