[The audio turns on with a clunk-- Azula dropped the communicator book by accident, and it started recording when it hit the ground]


[Her breathing is labored and unsteady, and she's slowly but steadily crawling across the ground-- she had been walking until vertigo and a massive headache made that impossible]

Just get away from me; I don't want you touching me, you disgusting little worm. Just LEAVE ME ALONE!

After some of the incidents we had this winter, spring and hot weather are even more welcome than usual.

Hot baths are old hat. As soon as my work for the day is done, I'm going sunbathing.
What in the-


Explain this.
I HATE snow.

I'm considering leaving the Fire Nation until this insanity clears up.

OOC: So uh, Jack-mun, I'm just going ahead and assuming the snowfall Aang requested has begun? If you didn't want to have it start this early, just say the word and I'll add a forward-date note to this. And I know you said it wasn't going to be HUGE LIEK X-BOX this time; Azula's just pissy at Karen <3 in general right now.
So. It seems there is now a psychiatrist on the community. I certainly hope that you will all be taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity- I can think of many who would benefit greatly.
... It's stopped snowing.
You're all fools. I can't imagine why any of you actually believed me.

OOC: For anyone wondering about the icon choice- I'm not going to have her get completely irrational and paranoid the way she did in the finale (think "The Southern Raiders" instead). But if you check the icon keywords... yeah. She is "slipping" a little bit. She recognizes that and wants to prevent it from getting any worse... so since a mind-wipe didn't work the first time around, she's totes going with suppression and self-delusion. DX
... This was worse than the virus where I had a husband (at my age!)- and trust me, that is saying quite a lot. First I was training an attack dog (which, given the nature of the virus, was probably another person)- really, it's not like I would actually do such a thing myself; that's what servants are for, after all. As if that wasn't ridiculous enough, I was then turned into a wolf, and forced to "care" for the aforementioned dog. And to top it all off, I was wounded by that vile, treacherous Eboshi woman.

This will not be happening again.

And I hope those nurses at this infernal hospital don't think I can't hear what they say about me. I'd hate to think I'm being attended to by people who are stupid as well as incompetent.
bentflame: (displeased)
It seems that the Avatar left Ba Sing Se before I arrived. I certainly hope that no one tried to warn him of my arrival, because if I find out about such a thing, you can be sure that consequences will be dealt out. You know who you are.

I'm coming home now.
bentflame: (frown)
Recent events have not deterred me from my search for the Avatar. While the majority of the people that I have encountered in recent weeks have been far from helpful, I have finally found one that could be... persuaded to talk.


I will be leaving for Ba Sing Se shortly.


I am willing to be charitable and forgive your transgression, but I need you to answer some questions.
Over the past few days, I have encountered some things that I would very much like to erase from my memory (excluding the ones that could possibly be used to aid in the torture of prisoners of war). Ty Lee has also brought this to my attention.
Who are these people, and how do they get their information? I have come across several things that the Fire Nation has most definitely not released to the general public. Because of this, I am taking measures to increase palace security- these informers will be found, and then dealt with accordingly.

(I can't say that I mind this, though. These people may be allowed to live.)
Now that this virus incident has been taken care of, it is imperative that we get back on task. The Avatar is here, and he will be found. In a place such as this, it must be both easy and difficult to hide him- easy because such an unusually populated community is an ideal place to blend in, and difficult because said large population will most likely make it very hard for him to go about entirely undetected. Therefore, we must assume that everybody knows something- and that if they refuse to admit it, they have something to hide.

In light of this, I have taken it upon myself to interrogate a most unusual suspect. )



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