[and of course when she talks, she sounds quite pleased and proud of herself]

I've completed my training, I've graduated from the novice level, and I am now officially an AX Agent-- an elite soldier of the Vatican. I'll be working as an assistant bodyguard, but I'll also be sent on special assignments and missions-- of course, I can't divulge much information about those.

[she then turns more somber, directing a steady gaze at the camera]

Obviously, it's a dangerous job-- extremely dangerous, sometimes. I don't plan on dying, but it would be foolish not to make plans just in case. First of all, I need to speak to someone who would be able to show me how to make one of those private posts that unlock automatically if I don't log onto the community after a certain amount of time. I'll also be contacting a few of you individually, for various reasons.





"No" means "no".

"Go away" means "go away".

"Stop talking to me" means "stop talking to me".

None of that means "mock me and deliberately try to irritate me for fun".

They all think it's funny. Annoying me. Bothering me. Making me angry. And then they act all surprised and affronted when they provoke a reaction that they don't like.

They could consider themselves lucky. The reaction could have been worse.

Tommy. Ichigo. Matt. Cross. More.

It's pathetic.

I've always been an amazing little sister.
I can't come to visit France; I have to stay here because--

I saw them; they were stupid enough not to lock their conversation and I saw them talking; they're going to try to take me away and I have to stay here.

They can't have their petty little revenge. I need to be ready when they come for me.
[Azula's hanging around the hotel room, reading some important-looking papers with what some might recognize as the Fire Nation seal on them-- across the room, Itsuki's sitting and reading a book]

[SUDDENLY you can see a little head pop up on the lower right-hand corner of the screen-- Rachel is being a mischievous toddler and reaching forward sneakily to try to grab the papers from Azula's grasp while Itsuki watches, stifling a laugh]

[But Azula is a boss and sees her out of the corner of her eye, though she doesn't even turn to look at her]


[Rachel, however, isn't content with being ignored-- she tugs on Azula's pants, gurgling and making happy sounds and just generally being so adorable that anyone who wasn't Azula would probably abandon their work to play with her, WHICH IS OF COURSE WHAT SHE WANTS]

[Azula just goes "8|", but she picks her up and lets her sit in her lap so she'll leave her alone-- she even lets Rachel play with her hair, but swipes it away with a glare whenever she tries to put it in her mouth]
If he's affected by this stupid virus and not on his world, then that means there's not going to be anyone standing in my way when I do find her.

Viruses are good for something after all.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 08:12 pm
[Here's Azula sitting in a room at Issei's temple, "Cuddy's" body wrapped up in the background in preparation for burial (and it's probably starting to smell; ew)-- the sounds of partying can be heard in the distance, but she's still watching the body]

[ooc: her reaction to Issei's surprise party. :P]
[Heeeeeeeere's Azula limping into her room at Cuddy's house after her latest (and last?) tangle with the Joker-- she's sporting several bad cuts and bruises and a black eye, and she holds a badly sprained right arm protectively against her side as she flops down on the bed]

... Fine. I'm not doing it again.
The Fifth Doctor came back.
It seems the viruses have all ended, but just to make sure, I have a few questions.

- ShinRa, do you still want me to be your flower girl?
- Italy, are you still capable of knowing any three-syllable words?
- Sylar, are you still drunk enough to slip up and admit that you want to kill me and cut my head open?
- Lisa, do you still think that we're your children and that Dr. House is your husband?
- Karen, are you going to stay away from me?
- And to the community at large, are you the correct gender, species, and age?

If my assessment is wrong and I'm affected by another one tomorrow, I really am going to kill something.

OOC: I'll get to my relationship meme stuff when I get home! 8) Those responses take longer than tags/spamming other people for their character's opinions, so I'll do it when I'm not doing other work on the side sob.
[Her voice is strained]

This can't be real; this is ridiculous. This--

Somebody tell Lisa to give me painkillers or something. NOW.

OOC: Okay SHE'S NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO GIVE BIRTH OBVIOUSLY, but this is the last day of the pregnancy virus for Azula! Tomorrow and Sunday she'll be affected by the Eros Day virus. 8)
So. Are we telling her?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't bother commenting just to say "tell her what?"; make yourself useful and actually look. I'd also say don't bother commenting if you're likewise affected, but I suspect that wouldn't do any good in this case.

OOC: Reference!
At least there's no epidemic this time.

I'm ill. I'm going to stay in New Jersey until I get better. If anyone tries anything funny in the Fire Nation during this time I'll kill you.

I think that about covers it.

OOC: ... She's being affected by the pregnancy virus for the whole duration. >.> STARTING SYMPTOMS ARE A GO
[Azula is lying in a hospital bed in the Fire Nation, looking angry and indignant-- she winces slightly from the pain as she moves her hand back from turning the recorder on]

Everyone here should stop lying to me; I don't see why I should believe anyone at all. That one man says he's my father, but then another man tells me he isn't. They say my mother died in childbirth, but then another woman claims that she is my mother. You tell me I'm the leader of a country, but then another man tells me I'm his servant, kidnaps me from my hospital room, and kicks my stitches out.

[Breathing heavily from her rant, she leans back against her pillow and closes her eyes for a moment]

I'd prefer to go back to that other hospital. They at least seemed competent and sane.

OOC: Ozai kidnapped her from her hospital room. 8) He DID kick her in the side and cause her newly-made stitches to come undone, but then he had the palace doctor do them up again. OBVIOUSLY HE'S THE BEST DAD EVER Y/Y
bentflame: (frown)
The leaves are changing color in New Jersey, and some of them are falling off the trees. I've heard of this phenomenon, of course-- it happens in the northern Earth Kingdom, among other places-- but I've never actually seen it for myself until now. Is it common on Earth worlds?

... It's also getting colder; I can especially tell at night. Does it snow on Earth, too?

OOC: I AM GOING TO COMMENT ON EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S LOVE MEME THREAD as well as (hopefully) help with activity check verifications, but right I'm stuck with a pile of homework and can't multitask with anything more involved than tagging. DX But this evening you're all going to get spammed; I WILL CIRCLE YOUR JERKS (jerk your circles?) SO HARD YOU WON'T KNOW WHAT HIT YOU. 8|
... It's fall.

Summer ended too quickly.

Virus aside, I suppose my birthday wasn't as bad as I made it seem yesterday. I went to the spa with Dr. Cuddy, saw outer space from the Doctor's ship, and then went to a chocolate shop with Itsuki. Itsuki.

It was bizarre, if nothing else. Socialization has never been one of my priorities.

We've been getting gifts delivered to the palace all week now-- even more so than usual, because nobody is coming for a celebration themselves. It's mostly artwork or heirlooms; they're never personal, obviously. Yesterday we received an antique vase that looks good in the portrait hall, but other than that, nothing has been all that interesting or of note.

I'll be off-world, and I'll be going out to a spa with someone in the afternoon, but other than that I have nothing planned. It'll seem odd for my birthday to just be like any other day, especially since it's my sixteenth.

Is this what it's like for commoners?
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Azula was furious, as anyone who had spoken to her could tell. When she was angry, that tended to encompass everything else-- at least outwardly.

It was no different from acting under the influence of a virus. There was one thing that the doctor who injected her had said that she could agree with-- that she hadn't done anything of her own volition, and that anyone who thought otherwise was an idiot.

The moment she was released from the hospital, Azula took up her feather and worldhopped herself to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, landing herself directly in the ICU so as to bypass any guards or "well-meaning" doctors who wanted to keep visitors out. She didn't know exactly where Dr. Cuddy's room was, so she began to wander up and down the halls, peeking through the window of each door she passed.
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