"No" means "no".

"Go away" means "go away".

"Stop talking to me" means "stop talking to me".

None of that means "mock me and deliberately try to irritate me for fun".

They all think it's funny. Annoying me. Bothering me. Making me angry. And then they act all surprised and affronted when they provoke a reaction that they don't like.

They could consider themselves lucky. The reaction could have been worse.

Tommy. Ichigo. Matt. Cross. More.

It's pathetic.

I've always been an amazing little sister.
I had forgotten what it was like to fall asleep easily and not wake up until the next morning. This is the first time in a long time that I haven't felt exhausted. Lisa's also glad for it; I wonder if that satchel's working on her, too.

It's winter again. My third winter since I found the community, and each one's been completely different.

Do you ever look back at your old posts and realize just how much your life has changed?

[edited in five minutes later]

Another thing: are spaceships on most worlds alive? I got to hear one talk once.
[this is Azula, lying in bed with a pad of paper a fountain pen, and a gigantic dictionary]

[she's copying words from it]

[... she's almost at the Bs]
I have an extremely hypothetical question concerning complete idiots who may or may not be attractive and engaged.
It's pathetic the way people think they can bother or scare you with their words, isn't it.

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Dec. 17th, 2009 07:41 pm
Azula nonchalantly strolled down the hallway of the school, trying to act casual. There was no reason anyone should suspect anything-- after all, why shouldn't the nurse's daughter be walking out of the nurse's office? Anyone who saw her would just assume that she had been going to see her mom; there was no reason for anyone to suspect the real reason.

Like that she might sort of have a girlfriend.

And she was (hopefully) going to end up skipping out of sex ed. class entirely.

And if she wanted information about... things she'd have to do to keep herself from getting any nasty diseases, she'd have to find her information from the free pamphlets that she had just snuck out of her mother's office.

Her face went red just from thinking about it.

It was after school. Most of the students and teachers should have gone home. Hopefully there was no one else around to catch her.

[OOC: If anyone replies and want's to use actionspam, that's cool too! I just like setting things up in prose. \o/]
Anyone who knows the location of that Rukia girl, tell me. If she surrenders and fixes things, I'll let her live.

I can't stay still.

The rest of you, take this as a warning-- you do NOT want to get on my bad side.

OOC: She thinks Rukia took Ty Lee back in August pffffft. So she's been on a revenge rampage since yesterday or so. BARELY SLEEPING IS SO CONDUCIVE TO RUNNING A COUNTRY GAIS, SRSLY
[She's still in Cuddy's hospital room, sitting in a chair a few feet from the bed, knees drawn up to her chest.]

I'm sick and tired of this. They're all liars; traitors; manipulators. Liars.

I'm not going to do it anymore.
[There's the sound of paper rustling, and of a chair creaking slightly]

Give me a sentence. Use the voice post function, but keep the volume down.

OOC: She's stepping up her game, yo.
[The audio starts out immediately with Azula's voice-- too quiet and unclear to understand at first, but it becomes audible pretty quickly. She sounds quite a bit more calm than she has lately, because she's actually talking-- albeit to somebody who's heavily sedated in their hospital bed. Of course, she's only doing it because (she thinks) no one can really hear.]

-- and Father's trying to manipulate me into helping him with his pointless and ill-planned schemes, Mother's trying to browbeat me into a younger version of herself, and Ty Lee is still being awful. She thinks she say and do whatever she wants, and then she just expects me to act like nothing ever happened. I don't care if she misses me or if I miss her, I'm through with dealing with her lies. I'd rather be... I'd rather be completely alone than friends with someone like that. I can't STAND people who lie; I can't stand never knowing whether to believe what comes out of their mouths.

That's one reason why I hate the viruses here. They turn everybody into liars.

[She pauses for a few moments, and when she speaks again her voice is almost-- but not quite-- as cold as her words would imply:]

You'd better stop dying soon. It's getting boring just sitting around here.


I didn't want to do it. You were right; I wouldn't--

[Suddenly there's the sound of someone walking down the hall, and Azula stops talking. She stays silent even after whoever it was is long gone.]
[Azula is lying in a hospital bed, bandages wrapped around her shoulder and abdomen. She stirs a little, giving a slight groan, and opens her eyes. Her hand goes up to her face for a second, then she glances around the room as much as she can from her position.]


[But then she realizes that she's not at Princeton-Plainsboro-- or any hospital she's been in before, for that matter.]

What's going on?

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