Why would I disappear? She vanished from my world, so I vanished from hers? But they're not supposed to be connected; things aren't supposed to affect each other like that.

This is wrong.

... Do any of you even make plans for what would happen if you or one of your... one of your associates disappeared? Or do you just ignore the fact that it could happen?
[Have a shot of Cuddy's living room-- the lights are off, so Azula is just a shadowy figure on the couch]

I told you all, I didn't I. How many of you didn't believe me?

It takes people.

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I want to live to be one hundred.
We've been getting gifts delivered to the palace all week now-- even more so than usual, because nobody is coming for a celebration themselves. It's mostly artwork or heirlooms; they're never personal, obviously. Yesterday we received an antique vase that looks good in the portrait hall, but other than that, nothing has been all that interesting or of note.

I'll be off-world, and I'll be going out to a spa with someone in the afternoon, but other than that I have nothing planned. It'll seem odd for my birthday to just be like any other day, especially since it's my sixteenth.

Is this what it's like for commoners?
If Father still hasn't been caught by the weekend of the nineteenth I won't be able to leave.
At least I didn't wake up with anyone this morning. Especially there.
I have to learn how to play poker.

If it actually happens, of course. You people go on and on about how I don't know how to be polite, but at least I know not to try hosting a gathering somewhere without asking the owner's permission. It's incredibly inconsiderate.

I'll be watching my tea. If anyone tries to get smart and spike it with anything, we'll have more than words.
I'm not even going to get into how many inappropriate "quizzes" I came across on this particular website.

Cut for a buttload of random quiz meme things ffffff )

I find it amusing that I apparently have the historical and political knowledge of an "average American" when my score was abysmal (not that there's anything wrong with that; after all, I'm not an American). And as for the last one, and all others like it, it's illogical to think that answering a few innocuous questions or choosing a particular picture could say anything meaningful about your personality. Coincidentally, this particular one wasn't all that inaccurate-- except I don't have a protective streak.
Two days ago, the former Fire Lord Ozai agreed to surrender his false claim to the throne without a fight, in order to stop the wave of assassination attempts that had plagued him. His actions were commendable; the capital is currently far more peaceful and stable than it was even yesterday, and it grows more so by the hour. He is currently being kept under house arrest in his wing of the palace-- access to the community has not been denied him, but no worldhoppers will be allowed in or out. I, of course, have returned to take my rightful place as Fire L--

[Suddenly the door bangs open, and a man's voice can be heard shouting:]

Ozai is the true Fire Lord! Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor, and traitors must die!

[There's the sound of a struggle, and of fire crackling, and then the audio cuts out]

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My sixteenth birthday is in about two and a half months. On my world, most people of royal and noble class marry when they're that age, and most of those marriages are arranged at least a year or so before that. As it stands, I'm already falling behind everyone else; no matter how much parents may want their son to marry the Fire Lord, they're not going to wait around forever. Whenever I do go back, I'll be stuck with someone that was unwanted by all the others for some reason-- because his family has a shameful history, or because he's a pervert, or because he's thirty years older than me. The Fire Lord will be given the last pick.

Things aren't supposed to be this backwards.

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It's almost August. The Fire Lily Festivals should be starting soon. At home, that is; I doubt they even have fire lilies on this world.

[There's about a ten-second pause before she suddenly speaks again]

Someone tell me the name of that famous waterfall in the United States. I was going to go with someone a few months ago, but the plans fell through.

There's no reason why I can't just go by myself.
[There's the sound of paper rustling, and of a chair creaking slightly]

Give me a sentence. Use the voice post function, but keep the volume down.

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