The people who I love most don't understand why I need to do what I do. At the Vatican I'm not being useless, I'm actually accomplishing something, and I'm better and happier than I've been in over two years. They of all people should be able to see that.

Does anyone that I actually like feel like watching movies or something over here? I'm still resting a lot and I need a distraction.



May. 30th, 2011 01:01 pm
[Azula's sitting on her bed in New Jersey, looking kind of moody-- Rachel is sitting behind her, and she keeps having to swipe her hair away from being chewed on, oops]

... It's better now. The things that were going on have largely resolved themselves. It was probably just the community; a virus.

If I find out that it was a member here, retaliation won't be pleasant. Fair warning.

I am looking forward to resuming my training, though. I took a break because of this, and now that it's done with I can keep going. The instructors are saying I'll be ready to graduate soon-- in a couple more months, I'll be a full agent, and I'll have an even better purpose.

[she moves Rachel away so that she can recline back on the pillows]

And what's more, I think I've accidentally become involved in troll relationship drama. I'm still trying to work out how that happened. It's really weird being the one trying to keep someone from killing someone else. In the past, it's generally me whose had to be convinced.

It seems like lots of things are backwards lately.
I need to find a better way of controlling my necklaces when I'm training. Even though I tucked them all into my uniform, I still spent fifteen minutes untangling them this evening.
... Fine.

I guess I'm coming back.
I have a sister. A sister.

[she says this a few more times, rolling it around in her mind]

... Hm.
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