[This video post begins in a fairly unusual way: it showcases Azula, hanging over the edge of the ship]

[She's on one of the main decks, and holding onto the railing with one hand-- and yes, Larsa, she
is subtly teasing you with this]

[When she speaks, her voice is perfectly calm and even, as if she were doing nothing out of the ordinary or potentially dangerous]

This is our fourth day here, and if this virus is going to follow the timeline of others in the past, it may very well be our last.

I like it here. I wouldn't mind staying longer.
It's weird not having any battle scars anymore. Up until a couple of years ago I barely had any at all, so I remember where every single one came from. I had a long one on my back from Father, but now it's gone.

I don't even feel like sparring right now. I want to vacation more.
I'm starting to think I should keep a running tally: "people on the community who want Azula dead (or at least grievously injured)". Maybe I could even count nonmembers, too-- then I could include my father, though his methods were a bit more passive.

Still, frivolities and jokes aside-- I'd like some information on this group that calls themselves "the Organization", particularly the member [livejournal.com profile] sinister_sniper. I'm not frightened of what he could do to me-- I'm an extremely competent martial artist, as well as a very good shot not that I have any guns here-- I just like to have at least a bit of knowledge about the people who threaten me, or threaten those that I have decided to defend. You never know when such information will be useful.


Right, then. I also have another question: for those of you that have been "adopted" in some way, what do you call the people-- "adoptive parents", if you will-- that you live with now? I'm curious.

Is it really that unheard of for a major world-wide war to last one hundred years? How long to wars on your worlds last?

OOC: Sensitive topic warning- this thread with Minerva ([livejournal.com profile] corkscrewcurls) involves discussion of genocide and the Holocaust.
These akuma things are in the capital, and there's more of them- it's hardly an isolated incident anymore. Those of you who can kill them had better get over here now; we can't exactly get the entire city's population into hiding.

OOC: Reference, reference.
Mai, Ty Lee. Have you seen this?
Father has informed me that he has found someone who looks to be a promising match for me. We'll be meeting with him and his family tomorrow to discuss possible proceedings.

I can think of an infinite number of things that I would rather do.
I have come to the conclusion that Christmas is idiotic.

And don't give me any more of that 'peace and goodwill' nonsense. )

Fire Nation holidays are much more purposeful- and probably a good deal more enjoyable, too.



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