... I do look older than sixteen.

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I want to live to be one hundred.
Anyone who knows the location of that Rukia girl, tell me. If she surrenders and fixes things, I'll let her live.

I can't stay still.

The rest of you, take this as a warning-- you do NOT want to get on my bad side.

OOC: She thinks Rukia took Ty Lee back in August pffffft. So she's been on a revenge rampage since yesterday or so. BARELY SLEEPING IS SO CONDUCIVE TO RUNNING A COUNTRY GAIS, SRSLY
Whoever was trying to cause trouble for me on that Gossip Girl post yesterday really should reveal themselves. Are you really so afraid of what I'm going to do to you?

I'm not insane. I don't need help. She's not being irresponsible by letting me stay at her house.

All of you are foolish; unworthy; pathetic. Every single one of you.

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[When she first speaks, her voice sounds hollow, and incredibly, incredibly bitter]

I could destroy this place.

I could destroy this book, and destroy my worldhopping feather, and it would never be able to take anything from me ever again. And before that, I could--

[Three deep, shaky breaths; trying to calm herself]

I could forget everything. I did it before. It could make it all just be a dream, and make it so it couldn't have taken her, because she never existed.

[More breathing]

But I shouldn't--

It's not fair.

It's not FAIR!

[There's the shattering of glass, then a sharp cry of pain that sounds more surprised than hurt-- and it's right about then that she happens to look over at her desk and realize that all this is being recorded to the community]


Why can't this place just leave me ALONE!

[And after shrieking this directly at the book, she slams the recording off]


OOC: Refereeeeence.
Two days ago, the former Fire Lord Ozai agreed to surrender his false claim to the throne without a fight, in order to stop the wave of assassination attempts that had plagued him. His actions were commendable; the capital is currently far more peaceful and stable than it was even yesterday, and it grows more so by the hour. He is currently being kept under house arrest in his wing of the palace-- access to the community has not been denied him, but no worldhoppers will be allowed in or out. I, of course, have returned to take my rightful place as Fire L--

[Suddenly the door bangs open, and a man's voice can be heard shouting:]

Ozai is the true Fire Lord! Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor, and traitors must die!

[There's the sound of a struggle, and of fire crackling, and then the audio cuts out]

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[She's still in Cuddy's hospital room, sitting in a chair a few feet from the bed, knees drawn up to her chest.]

I'm sick and tired of this. They're all liars; traitors; manipulators. Liars.

I'm not going to do it anymore.
[There's the sound of paper rustling, and of a chair creaking slightly]

Give me a sentence. Use the voice post function, but keep the volume down.

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[The audio starts out immediately with Azula's voice-- too quiet and unclear to understand at first, but it becomes audible pretty quickly. She sounds quite a bit more calm than she has lately, because she's actually talking-- albeit to somebody who's heavily sedated in their hospital bed. Of course, she's only doing it because (she thinks) no one can really hear.]

-- and Father's trying to manipulate me into helping him with his pointless and ill-planned schemes, Mother's trying to browbeat me into a younger version of herself, and Ty Lee is still being awful. She thinks she say and do whatever she wants, and then she just expects me to act like nothing ever happened. I don't care if she misses me or if I miss her, I'm through with dealing with her lies. I'd rather be... I'd rather be completely alone than friends with someone like that. I can't STAND people who lie; I can't stand never knowing whether to believe what comes out of their mouths.

That's one reason why I hate the viruses here. They turn everybody into liars.

[She pauses for a few moments, and when she speaks again her voice is almost-- but not quite-- as cold as her words would imply:]

You'd better stop dying soon. It's getting boring just sitting around here.


I didn't want to do it. You were right; I wouldn't--

[Suddenly there's the sound of someone walking down the hall, and Azula stops talking. She stays silent even after whoever it was is long gone.]



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