At least I didn't wake up with anyone this morning. Especially there.
I have come to the conclusion that Christmas is idiotic.

And don't give me any more of that 'peace and goodwill' nonsense. )

Fire Nation holidays are much more purposeful- and probably a good deal more enjoyable, too.
That virus was just unnecessary.
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Really, why do so many people assume that I'm attracted to women? A few people here and there is understandable, I suppose- peasants enjoy gossiping about royalty- but there's a point at which it becomes ridiculous. When have I ever shown interest in or "attraction" to anybody, of either gender (... Ty Lee doesn't count; there are exceptions to almost every rule, I suppose), much less women exclusively?

Hm. In other news, if the timeline of this virus is the same as all the others, it should be over by tomorrow at the latest. Excellent.

You will not be bringing the brain stealer to the Fire Nation, or to any other world. Do I make myself clear?
... Witch. You need to learn how to keep your boyfriend in check. I'm not sure how the other women of the community feel, but I, for one, do not appreciate being "chatted up" by him. No matter what his intentions were, such details about which of my features he finds particularly attractive ("your hair, the curve of your neck, the way you walk and how you frown", for those curious) is a bit inappropriate.

I am perfection. I realize this. But this sort of talk ("you have a nice neck, and it's easy to see when your hair is tied up", as another example) borders on the... well. One would think that someone so "intelligent" would know where to draw the line.

... No one here is to compliment my neck, ever again.

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Well. This is quite a predicament.

Things aren't exactly well here at the moment, though I suppose the situation could be worse. Still, it is my hope that it won't take too long to, shall we say, "undo the damage". Ty Lee has always been ridiculously sensitive. I'll have no choice but to return home soon; Father will begin asking questions, and one can't really explain this sort of thing without sounding insane.

The witch does still need to be punished somehow, however. It's irritating how much more difficult and inconvenient it is to exact discipline when the offenders have other worlds to escape to (and protective spells to hide behind), but I'm sure that it's by no means impossible.
You know, the pleasant surprise at being affected by a virus that- for once- isn't a near-traumatic experience is really undercut when your friend is kidnapped as soon as it dissipates. I am far from amused; it doesn't matter if she "deserved" it or not.

Ordinarily (or with any other person) I would have the army resolve the issue of a non-critical hostage situation, but they're ridiculously incompetent with anything that involves actual strategic planning. So I am stuck off-world, attempting to come up with a way to get past this silly girl's magical shield- all because of some grudge match that doesn't even involve me.

Akako. The longer you keep this up, the angrier I will become- and the worse things will be for you in the long run.



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