[Her voice is tightly controlled; clipped and curt]

Well. That was certainly an experience.

Everything that I said and did is to be disregarded. Is that understood?



OOC: Karen-mun, I'm up for backdating that end-virus RL if you still want to. :) Aaaand just in case I forget to specify all responses to this post will be in text.
Sooooo Karen, in your original outline, you had the end date for this virus fall somewhere between the 19th and the 26th. When do you think you'd want to end it...? If we wrapped it up tomorrow they'd have a few days of "freedom" before the lesbian fun tiems of the Oregon Trail Virus- or we could always just keep it going right on through the OTV, which ends on the 25th (I think?).

ALSO, YUE- did you want to have Ty Lee come back to Tokyo and try to drag Azula away again before the virus ends? XD Azula wasn't kidding about having a gun ready, so if she did Azula would at least shoot *at* her- though obviously whether she'd actually get hit or not would be up to you; I'd be game for anything.

... And obviously if any other characters wanted to try something weird while Azula's still affected, we can totally plan for something like that, too.
I just had the most interesting conversation with my stalker, during which I made it clear that if she shows up at my house again with the intention of causing me bodily harm, I will be armed and ready. I have had extensive training in dealing with firearms, and am an excellent shot.

I suggest that anyone who values her health and safety should advise her to keep her distance.
For those of you who are at least passingly familiar with the United States- what are your favorite places to visit on the East Coast? I'll be going to New York for business purposes in a week or so, and I'm likely to have a day or so of free time.

Also- Karen, would you like to come?
This may be a bit of a bizarre question, but do you like jewelry? A week or so ago a gold necklace mysteriously came into my possession; I believe I mentioned it in an entry here. I've been planning on taking it to a jewelry shop and having it appraised, but if it's the sort of thing you would be interested in I thought...

... Well. You could have it, I suppose.
Judging by how long previous viruses have lasted, this current one should end today.

Well? Are you all ready to admit how idiotic you've been acting for the past five days? Though really, I got quite used to being called "princess". If you wish to continue that, by all means, do.

... So. You're feeling better now, I take it?
bentflame: (indignant)
Should anyone else get it into their heads to come here and try to kidnap me, I would suggest you speak to Ty Lee and Mai first- I'm sure they'd be happy to tell you all about their failed attempt. They barely escaped arrest.

Let this be a warning to you all- I don't care whether you're under the influence of a virus or not. I am far from amused by these antics, and I doubt the police will listen to your pleas when you come to your senses in a jail cell.



Jan. 3rd, 2009 01:37 am
Azula had been in her room at her father's mansion (of course she had a mansion) when Karen had asked to come over. She had agreed to the visit unquestioningly, despite knowing Karen's current state (and despite the small, still-jealous part of her that wanted to tell her to go talk to her Pretty Cure friends about her problems).
Azula had never been good at the comforting thing. It wasn't as if she had ever really made an effort- even simple compassion seemed to be a foreign concept to her (one of the things that she was most infamous for at school was slapping a girl who had been crying too loudly in the bathroom- her only explanation for her actions was that the sound had been irritating). People knew not to be upset around her, for any reason. Best case scenario, she'd snap at them to leave her presence, or try to make them stop crying- the hard way. Worst case scenario, she'd figure out a way to use their "vulnerability" against them. She simply did not console, or soothe, or reassure- that was a job for other people.

But Karen was her best friend- and even Azula had her exceptions.
... The strangest thing just happened. A few minutes ago, I suddenly became aware that I was wearing a gold necklace- not normally, the way most people wear necklaces, but tucked under my shirt. I've never seen it before in my life, I'm positive of that- I'm not much one for jewelry, anyway.

Kaito. This isn't one of your childish tricks, is it? If so, I really don't see the point. Or have you just gotten even more idiotic since the last time we spoke?
So er this thing yeah. Azula and Karen are now officially convinced that they've been close friends since childhood, and Azula is on Karen's world right now. Any further replies (new ones, or continuations of existing threads) to any previous posts will be backdated to before the mini-virus starts.

Also, just a forewarning- anyone attempting to take over the Fire Nation during this time will be stopped by Ozai (who probably just ASSUMES his daughter is off being a lesbian somewhere; I don't know). Don't think you conquerors are getting a free ride in. THIS MEANS YOU, RUFUS.

Some information about Virus!Azula that I'm pretty much just coming up with on the spot )

... And no, this virus doesn't have much of a purpose beyond character-scarring and awkwardness. Sorry. DX



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