Of all the viruses to repeat, it had to be that one.

I had no idea people here were so hormonal.

[that is sort of a joke, and an attempt to make things less awkward]

[it probably won't work]
[Before any picture comes onto the screen, there's the sound of someone fiddling around with buttons and keys and things-- and then once the visuals flicker on, it moves around dizzyingly for a few seconds before the person carrying it holds it still. That person just happens to be a kid-ified Azula. She's about eight or nine years old, and actually looks pretty adorable until she starts glaring at the screen.]

To all you people talking on this thing- which one of you kidnapped me? If you give yourself up now, my dad might consider not executing you.

OOC: Reference-- it's always Eris' fault. And she's still affected by the virus, in case anyone comments with text.
bentflame: (proud)
If no more problems occur [that is, if Father behaves himself], I will be returning to the Fire Nation early next week. Mai and Ty Lee, you are of course welcome to accompany me if you wish.

[This is ridiculous. I've never gotten the slightest bit homesick before, even on some of my longer campaigns. I suspect it has something to do with the... eventful way that I left the country, but that's really no excuse for such foolishness.

... I am glad that they're here, however.]

OOC: Sorry for the forward-date; there's a possibility I won't be able to get online at all tomorrow and I didn't want to miss the start of the virus! \o/ "Inner thoughts" are in red, and Azula can't see them herself, so she'll only know she's affected if someone's ~*nice enough*~ to point it out to her. ;)



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