... Are all the trolls the same age? One told me that they had "reached their fifth wiggling day", whatever that means, and that that meant that they were between nine and twelve in human years.

I didn't just spend three days dating a nine-year-old, did I?
After using her trusty worldhopping feather to get herself to the Land of Wrath and Angels, Azula couldn't help but take a moment to pause and look around a bit before heading off to find Eridan. Everything was in shades of black, white, and grey, and strange animals-- she guessed they were a type of dragon-- flew through the air. The architecture reminded her of a less colorful Vatican.

She wasn't here to sightsee, though. She had made plans with Eridan, and finding him was her primary objective. Besides, they were dating now. She could always come back and look around later.

She wasn't sure where to start, but he'd said this place belonged to him, so she decided to just keep wandering around. She was bound to bump into him sooner or later.
... I would have stayed there and died; I really would have.

And that part wasn't the virus.
... Is it a virus?

[ooc: Worst Fear Virus here-- she will likely talk about beheadings, so comment at your own risk if you don't want to deal with that]
It seems the viruses have all ended, but just to make sure, I have a few questions.

- ShinRa, do you still want me to be your flower girl?
- Italy, are you still capable of knowing any three-syllable words?
- Sylar, are you still drunk enough to slip up and admit that you want to kill me and cut my head open?
- Lisa, do you still think that we're your children and that Dr. House is your husband?
- Karen, are you going to stay away from me?
- And to the community at large, are you the correct gender, species, and age?

If my assessment is wrong and I'm affected by another one tomorrow, I really am going to kill something.

OOC: I'll get to my relationship meme stuff when I get home! 8) Those responses take longer than tags/spamming other people for their character's opinions, so I'll do it when I'm not doing other work on the side sob.
[Her voice is strained]

This can't be real; this is ridiculous. This--

Somebody tell Lisa to give me painkillers or something. NOW.

OOC: Okay SHE'S NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO GIVE BIRTH OBVIOUSLY, but this is the last day of the pregnancy virus for Azula! Tomorrow and Sunday she'll be affected by the Eros Day virus. 8)
[A huff]

... There had to be a holiday today.

[She's hidden away in her room because the virus!pregnancy's started showing lol]
So. Are we telling her?

If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't bother commenting just to say "tell her what?"; make yourself useful and actually look. I'd also say don't bother commenting if you're likewise affected, but I suspect that wouldn't do any good in this case.

OOC: Reference!
[She sounds tired]

This is the fourth day of this virus, and so if the timeline is anything like the others, it should be the last. Of course, I think it's clear that this is not like other viruses. Even though my experience hasn't been all that abnormal so far, it's possible that--

[Suddenly she lets out a very undignified-sounding gasp, and there's a shattering of glass as she drops the teacup she was holding]

[Audio out]

OOC: lol the bb is kicking her and it's freaking her out 8| AND ANY REPLIES WILL BE FORWARD-DATED A LITTLE because she's going to go see if she can bum around in Cuddy's office.
For Lisa those of you who haven't figured it out yet, my current condition cannot be blamed on anything but the virus. Let me reiterate: I did not do what you all think that I did.

As for the rest of you-- put some clothes on before you make a video post. Thank you.
At least there's no epidemic this time.

I'm ill. I'm going to stay in New Jersey until I get better. If anyone tries anything funny in the Fire Nation during this time I'll kill you.

I think that about covers it.

OOC: ... She's being affected by the pregnancy virus for the whole duration. >.> STARTING SYMPTOMS ARE A GO



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