[showing up on Vriska's world to see Tavros, grabber claw in hand!]

[she'll just be milling about a bit, waiting for him to show up; she likes this world and doesn't mind waiting]
A little while after finishing her text conversation with Aradia, Azula hopped on over to the Land of Quartz and Melody to pick up Aradia for another movie night. She wasn't in any particular hurry, so she just started to walk around a bit, figuring she'd run into the robot girl sooner or later.
Thanks to her trusty worldhopping feather, Azula showed up in Vriska's land less than a minute after hanging up from their conversation. She'd already been to Eridan's planet, but this one looked entirely different-- and while they were both impressive in their own right, she definitely liked the Land of Maps and Treasure better. The scenery (but not the architecture) reminded her a little bit of the outlying islands of the Fire Nation. The sky was also fascinating; she couldn't help but spend most of the time looking up at it.

Because most of it was ocean and she didn't have a boat, Azula couldn't really do much more than wait for Vriska to find her-- which probably wouldn't be too hard, as she was right outside the little island's only large, looming building (one of those "hives", maybe?).
[when Azula showed up on the Ark, she was very, very angry and trying very, very hard to hide it]

[it was obvious why he had done it, really-- he thought that he had more of a right to protect Lilith than she did, just like he thought he and Seth and Cain were more deserving of her love]

[he was wrong on all accounts, and she wanted to tell him that SO MUCH-- she wanted to take him by the collar and yell that he was
horrible for putting his own jealousy above Lilith's desires (because she couldn't have wanted to come here; of course she wouldn't want to leave)]

[instead, she just completely ignored him; she didn't even look at him as she hurried to Lilith's side]

Are you all right?

[she knew Abel wouldn't have hurt her, at least not on purpose-- she viewed him as more negligent than malicious]
After using her trusty worldhopping feather to get herself to the Land of Wrath and Angels, Azula couldn't help but take a moment to pause and look around a bit before heading off to find Eridan. Everything was in shades of black, white, and grey, and strange animals-- she guessed they were a type of dragon-- flew through the air. The architecture reminded her of a less colorful Vatican.

She wasn't here to sightsee, though. She had made plans with Eridan, and finding him was her primary objective. Besides, they were dating now. She could always come back and look around later.

She wasn't sure where to start, but he'd said this place belonged to him, so she decided to just keep wandering around. She was bound to bump into him sooner or later.
[after having finished her training for the afternoon, Azula decides to go hang around on the Vatican's outdoor grounds for a while, instead of going to her room/Lilith's room/New Jersey like she normally would]

[she's wearing her uniform (AND SHE STILL DESPISES IT) as well as the three necklaces that she never takes off, and there's still henna tall over her arms and face because her life is special]

[Azula arrives on time, toting a large platter of fried rice and a big bag of DVDs-- she borrowed all of Cuddy's plus a few more from a video rental place, wanting to give Lilith a wide variety to choose from]

[her hands are full, so she knocks on the door with her foot]
[Azula's walking quickly and purposefully through the Vatican, not stopping for anything or anyone-- she knows exactly where she's going, and she isn't going to let anyone keep her from getting there, no matter what]
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[worldhopping to the Vatican to visit Abel! and wandering around looking for him, lalala]
[Azula's looking for Lilith in the Vatican's hospital, so they can leave for Larsa's world]
[for the past year now, Azula's dreams had been bad]

[for the past six months, they had been downright horrible]

[her current dream was a bloodbath-- a winged man cackles gleefully as he roughly grabs two women-- both crying out in pain-- and tears their heads off, spewing blood everywhere]

[Azula's there, but she's powerless to do anything but scream herself-- she can't move; she's stuck in place]

[a man looms over her, looking her in the eye with disdain as he tells her how pathetic, weak, and useless she is]

[all a day in the life as far as Azula's nightmares go, really]
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[after deciding to spend a little more time outside before it got dark and the ghosts started coming out again, Azula had headed up to the highest deck of the ship, which was deserted]

[right now she's stretched out on a deck chair, watching the sun set and feeling relatively calm]
Azula had never been to Gotham. Strictly speaking, it had never been high on her list of places to visit-- she had never been made aware of any interesting people or places in the city (or on that world at all, really), and so during her time on the community it had mostly flown under her radar.

The Joker, however, had been trying to get her to come see him on and off for the past couple of months. All previous attempts had been shot down unceremoniously-- he was admittedly intriguing, yes but that didn't change the fact that he was a common criminal, and hardly the sort of person that she made a point of associating with. Strictly speaking, she wasn't sure why she had accepted his offer this time. Perhaps she was curious. Perhaps she just wanted to get out of the house. Perhaps she was feeling just a little rebellious.

If asked point-blank, she'd blame boredom.
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Azula was furious, as anyone who had spoken to her could tell. When she was angry, that tended to encompass everything else-- at least outwardly.

It was no different from acting under the influence of a virus. There was one thing that the doctor who injected her had said that she could agree with-- that she hadn't done anything of her own volition, and that anyone who thought otherwise was an idiot.

The moment she was released from the hospital, Azula took up her feather and worldhopped herself to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, landing herself directly in the ICU so as to bypass any guards or "well-meaning" doctors who wanted to keep visitors out. She didn't know exactly where Dr. Cuddy's room was, so she began to wander up and down the halls, peeking through the window of each door she passed.
For the third time this week, Azula woke up in bed with someone completely unexpected. For the first time, however, she woke up before they did.

She knew before she opened her eyes that she wasn't alone-- she could feel an arm brushing up against hers. Azula lifted her head and glanced over, still holding out just a little hope that it was only Ty Lee-- but, of course, it wasn't. This time, it was someone she barely knew. She recognized the woman from around the community, but she didn't recall ever having spoken to her, and she didn't know her name.

Azula sat up and leaned over, giving the other occupant a rough shove. "Get up," she ordered.
As a princess, Azula was used to being respected-- worshipped, even. She was used to people doing things for her, often without her even needing to ask. What she was not used to, however was people doing things for her out of the kindness of their own hearts. So naturally, she was a bit suspicious when Kasumi-- a random community member; one who wasn't even from her world-- offered to cook an elaborate meal for her. Expecting respect from an acquaintance was one thing. Large favors, however, were an entirely different story. Off-worlders usually had to be threatened for those.

Despite her cynicism, Azula was in her room and waiting at the time she had told Kasumi to arrive. She was fully-dressed, and her hair set perfectly in its usual topknot, crown in place. Normally she wore her robe in the privacy of her own room, but when expecting a visitor-- any visitor-- there was no reason to be anything less than perfect.


Mar. 29th, 2009 05:08 pm
After "Ty Lee" had started talking about coming and grabbing her, Azula wasted no time in finding a place to hide. She finally settled on a big wardrobe in the corner of the unfamiliar bedroom she had found herself in. She climbed in and pulled the doors shut behind her, wiggling to the very back and curtaining herself with some of the strange-looking clothes that were hanging inside.

This was probably just some weird nightmare. A bunch of peasants who had no idea what the Fire Nation was? Grown-up Ty Lees and Zukos, who had things like gross-looking scars and foreboding-sounding fighting skills (Azula had no idea what "chi-block" meant, and she didn't really want to find out)? Definitely a nightmare. It was all Zuko's fault, probably. He'd been having bad dreams for about a week-- ever since their mother had disappeared-- and now he was passing them on to Azula. Stupid Zuzu.

Agitated and upset, Azula pulled her knees to her chest and sniffed. The wardrobe was a dumb hiding place. She wondered if maybe she should have gone to another room entirely-- but then how would her father ever find her when he came to pick her up? And besides, if she left now, she might run into the big Ty Lee in the hallway or something.

Azula shifted around a little, pulling at the clothes hanging in front of her to make sure there were no gaps. Then, getting an idea, she yanked some of the ones that were hanging on the other end and tucked them around herself, trying to make it look as if she was just a pile of laundry. She curled up underneath the clothes as tight as she could, sat very, very still, and waited.


Mar. 16th, 2009 11:25 am
Something would have to be done about her father.

Azula did not like having to admit this. Fire Lord Ozai had been an excellent leader-- was still an excellent leader-- and it was a shame to see him brought off course in such a way, like a child distracted with a new toy. Not that she herself had acted much differently, she supposed-- upon her own arrival, she had made the same mistakes; the same miscalculations. However, she hadn't been in her father's position. Had she been at the very top of the tier, with no one to run the show while she was focusing on frivolities... the results would have been far more disastrous. What the Fire Nation needed right now, more than anything else, was an attentive leader-- one who wouldn't be distracted, even for a second, from his goals. Azula didn't know for sure that Ozai's actions would cost them the war, but she didn't want to take that chance.

She wouldn't kill him, of course. He wouldn't even be imprisoned. There would just be a partial, temporary seizing of power, until he came to terms with the discovery of the community (and what it entailed) and was prepared to govern the Fire Nation (and only the Fire Nation) fully and effectively again. If they were both lucky, he would be too busy even notice. And if he did notice... he would be angry; Azula knew this. But she was confident that he would thank her for it later. She knew what she was doing, and he would eventually see that for himself. Unfortunately, right now, he was still effectively blind. That was one of the main reasons that she was choosing to keep certain things from him. Her worldhopping feather, for example, as well as some of the off-world technology she had acquired. He wasn't ready for it yet. And considering some of the things that had happened (the confrontation about Ty Lee, as well as his strange demand that she refer to him as "Fire Lord Ozai"-- not "Father", as she always had in the past), she didn't like the idea of having no real advantages over him.

Pacing across her room in long, purposeful strides, Azula made a mental list. These frivolous things he was asking of her would have to stop, despite his response when she had mentioned it to him. If he was going to waste his own time it was crucial that he didn't drag her down with him. As a princess, her frequent off-world "vacations" were one thing, but she knew perfectly well that if she were Fire Lord (and if she didn't have the means to worldhop by herself) such things wouldn't be possible. She would also have to somehow curtail his suspicions about her relationship with Ty Lee. Despite his apparent acceptance of the situation, Azula hadn't forgotten his warning.

Lastly, and most importantly, he could never find out that she had kept anything from him-- whether it was about the worldhopping, the foreign weaponry, or anything else. If he discovered any of this and moved to take action against her, Azula already knew what she would do-- and it was something that she hoped to avoid for as long as possible.

There was, after all, a difference between wanting to kill your father and Fire Lord, and only being willing to do it if it was absolutely necessary.


Mar. 7th, 2009 09:15 pm
Azula was sitting at her desk, breathing deeply. Not because Ty Lee had suggested it, of course, but because it was a good way to calm herself down and think rationally about stupid people were. People in general; there were no exceptions.

I hate her. It wasn't true, but thinking it felt good, and probably helped even more than the breathing. She's an idiot. She has absolutely no concept of dignity, or tact, or privacy... Azula gritted her teeth, her fingers clenching on the arms of her chair.

Ty Lee would have to fix this-- and sometime soon, too. The thought of everybody on the community (because if that idiot Chuck Bass knew, the rumor was sure to spread) knowing about... things that she had done, when she wasn't even sure about how she felt about them herself... it made her feel sick.

I hate her.

OOC: Reference.

Hot Springs

Feb. 7th, 2009 11:57 pm
Compared to Azula's last trip to Ember Island, this one was going much better. For one thing, it was the off-season. The beaches weren't crowded, none of the summer residents were around, and- most importantly- there weren't any self-important teenage commoners to have to deal with.

While the ocean water wasn't likely to be warm enough to swim in (Azula wasn't a big swimmer, anyway), Ember Island boasted some of the best hot springs in the Fire Nation. After putting on her bathing suit for the first time that weekend, Azula headed out. If Ty Lee decided to join her, she would know where to look.



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