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Since I'm guessing most uninvolved people don't necessarily follow my plotting on Plurk-- Azula has recently become a novice sister of the Trinity Blood world's Vatican, and is training to be an agent of the AX Division of the Vatican's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If this revelation is making you go "WTF?" and wonder about the sanity of the player(s) putting this plot in motion, read on! I've answered a few questions under the cut, and am definitely willing to answer any more that people might have.

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Itsuki Koizumi: A book about the mysteries and unknowns of astronomy and space.

Lilith Sahl: A beautiful sterling silver pendant engraved with "Lilith" and some Chinese writing on one side, and "Azula" and some Chinese writing on the other. She got a similar one for herself (though she's keeping that secret for now 8|). So she's basically getting her the more high-class version of the matching Best Friends necklaces that fourth-graders wear. Yeah.

Lisa Cuddy: Spa day! Also a handwritten calligraphied letter about how awesome she is (I might actually write it out later, just for Azula being awkwardly and hilariously sentimental).

Shiro: A book of easy-to-make hangover remedies.

That's... probably it (but c'mon, it's three more than last year!). Even though she generally knows/likes other people that she gets along with and talks to a lot (Willow, Ryan) about as much as she knows/likes Shiro and Itsuki, they're still the only two that get gifts because they're Cuddy's kids too and she knows they'll probably be around at least some of the time when the Cuddy brood is celebrating Hanukkah. :P
Full name: Azula Zhang
Blood status: Muggleborn
House: Gryffindor
Year: Fifth
Teams/Clubs: n/a
Wand: 12-inch holly with a dragon's heartstring core
Family: Iroh is her father's brother, but they barely know each other

Azula was raised by her father, Ozai Zhang, and the nannies he employed to take care of her when she was too young to be of use to him (she never knew her mother, and was always told that she was dead). Ozai was a business tycoon who expected her to follow in his footsteps. He was very strict, and expected nothing but the best from her-- even as a young child, she had very little free time as he was always tutoring her himself, taking her to business meeting, teaching her the sort of mindset (ruthless and unapologetic) he believed one needed to have to succeed in the business world, etc. However, Azula thrived in this environment, and dedicated herself to becoming the best she could be, both for her father and for herself. She may not have known what she was missing out on, but she didn't seem to care.

That all changed when Azula was eleven, and she received her Hogwarts letter in the mail. One of the things her father hadn't told her was that he had a brother-- one who was magical, and who he hated with a burning passion. The fact that Azula had magic made her a spectacular failure in his eyes, and he completely disowned her, telling her that she needed to get out of his house because he never wanted to see her again. Azula, all at once indignant, confused, and incredibly upset by his decision (not to mention the fact that she was apparently a witch), attempted to argue his decision-- at which point he decided that the best thing to do to keep her from causing him any further disgrace would be to kill her. Yes, really.

Fortunately, the Hogwarts people swooped in and prevented that from happening, and made sure that Azula was equipped with all the necessary books and supplies needed to go to school. Despite the fact that they saved her life and removed her from what had quickly become a deadly and dangerous situation, Azula hated them. She hated the idea of being magical, she didn't want to go to Hogwarts, and she wanted to go back to her father and have everything be the way it was.

Once she actually got to school, things changed. Shock and upset quickly turned into bitter, bitter anger at her father for deserting her, and she resolved to be the best witch in the world in order to spite him. Her personality didn't exactly earn her many friends, so she ended up spending much of her time studying or in the library reading.

Not too different from how she is in normal DDD canon, really. She's fairly antisocial and unfriendly, but keeps to herself a lot of the time. Quick to anger, she has no qualms about striking against those who she feels have wronged her in some way, which probably means that she gets in trouble frequently. She also has a tendency to jump into fights against those who are older and/or stronger fighters than her (both magically or otherwise), which means she's quite familiar with the hospital wing. Overall, she's a very angry person, with some major, major trust and attachment issues-- she's very lonely, but she steadfastly refuses to let anyone get close to her. Probably the best thing going for her is that she gets excellent marks and is an awesome student in general; she studies a lot, and is overall an intelligent girl. Beyond that, though, she's a gigantic problem child who probably causes the staff a lot of grief.

Ancient Runes with Professor Linnifer
Arithmancy with Professor Vanko
Astronomy with Professor Nightroad (required)
Care of Magical Creatures with Professor Fang
Charms with Professors MacLean and Laytner (required)
Defense Against The Dark Arts with Professor Marian (required)
Herbology with Professor Kuchiki (required)
History of Magic with Professor Edgeworth (required)
Potions with Professor Crocker (required)
Transfiguration with Professor Morrigan (required)
As is already obvious, I like doing various kinds of relationship posts. This one's a bit different than what I've done in the past; I'm only going to be listing the characters that she has tl;dr relationships with. If your character is one of the many, many people who her opinion of boils down to "she greatly dislikes them", "she thinks they're okay and doesn't mind talking to them, but she has no real strong feelings either way", or something else equally simplistic, then I'm leaving them off; sorry!

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So someone at [ profile] rpanoncomm whipped up a fancy little relationships chart, and because I am a slave to shiny HTML, I had no choice but to steal it for my own use.

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CLEARLY this is the best possible way I could have spent half an hour.
It's been a while since I've done one of these, so I'm... kind of taking the formats from the one from last May and the one from last September and combining them. Prepare for copypasta.

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For this virus Azula is going to be the high-school sophomore Azula Cuddy, because she, Itsuki, and Shiro are Dr. Cuddy's bbs (HAY SETINE, WERE THEY ADOPTED OR DID SHE GIVE BIRTH TO ALL OF THEM?). Her favorite (and best) subjects are history and political science, and she's also pretty good at science and math and passable with foreign languages. Her least favorite (and worst) subjects are creative writing courses. She's a good student who gets mainly straight As, with maybe a B or two sprinkled here and there (generally in subjects that she considers "worthless", like English or the arts). Basically, though, she studies and tries hard in general (lol perfectionist) even in areas where she doesn't really have much interest/strength, and it usually shows.

Azula has aspirations to RULE THE WORLD. No, seriously, she wants to be president when she grows up. Her political views are a mix of conservative and liberal ideals-- she's pro-choice and pro-gay rights, but she's also pro-death penalty and anti-immigration. She doesn't participate in any clubs or after-school activities (even though the poly sci teachers keep trying to convince her to join Model UN) because she's just interested in the Real Deal.

Friends-wise pretty much a loner, obviously. During lunches, she hangs out in her mommy's office and studies/does her homework because the other kids are boring and inferior. She has acquaintances and people that she talks to, but no real close friends-- except for Ty Lee, who she's very clearly head-over-heels for.
I already have an entry tl;dring about how she sees/relates to people, but charts are good, too. 8)

She cares about you, in a personal way-- and she wants you to like her back. These are the people that she's most likely to trust, or go to if she needs help or assistance. In turn, she'll step in for them if they need defense. If you hurt one of the people on this very short list, be prepared to run, and fast.
Your opinions matter. She respects you, and possibly even looks up to you, depending on the situation. She might not necessarily really care about you as a person, but you do impress her, which is pretty difficult to do.
You're useful to her, either as an ally or a pawn. She's going to keep an eye on you.
She doesn't mind talking to and/or being around you-- depending, she might even like it, either because you provide good company/conversation or a quick source of amusement.
Completely neutral, or undecided. Even if she's spoken to you a lot, she doesn't yet know enough about you to form a lasting opinion.
You frustrate and/or annoy her, sometimes a lot, but not enough that she wants to hurt you because of it. Be glad for that!
You annoy her enough that she wouldn't be adverse to hurting you, but for one reason or another, she's not going to. Maybe you're a friend of someone who's opinion she values, or she thinks you could be useful in the future... whatever the reason, you're safe (for now).
You aggravate her, and she would hurt you. She might not be actively hunting you down, but if you're in her reach when you annoy her, be prepared for a burning.
She would not hesitate to kill you on sight.

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... Edit because wtf some people were labelled blue that shouldn't have been. 8|
OKAY SO. Azula, Ozai, and Ursa are all going to be affected together (I'll be putting up a similar post in Ursa's journal soon), and the question we're going from is: What if Ursa had never been banished?

After Azulon's death, Ozai proposed a cover-up as opposed to a PR-necessitated banishment, and so they made it look as if he had died of natural causes. Ursa was therefore able to prevent the Zuko/Ozai Agni Kai a few years later, and Zuko was never scarred or banished himself. At this point in time, Ozai is still Fire Lord, and his wife and both children are still living with him in the capital.

Bottom line? Azula will be more like she was before she started to be at odds with Ozai. She won't be perfectly normal (er, normal for her) and in control because Ty Lee disappearing will still have been just as big a blow as it was in regular DDD!verse, but it'll be less of a "just one more thing on top of everything else" scenario, and she'll have an easier time of repressing pretending that it doesn't matter. She won't remember anything that came about because of Ozai's assassins (such as staying at Cuddy's house), and any conversations/viruses/relationships will be altered accordingly.

If anyone has any questions about how the virus will change how she sees your characters/their past interactions/etc., feel free to ask me here! Or you can just wait for the virus to start and find out for yourself. ;D


Aug. 27th, 2009 02:03 pm
Pffffft okay so I seriously need to do something with Azula that isn't angry/depressing/heavy/etc. Obviously, this is kind of hard because she's Azula, and so most of the CR she has is pretty negative and doesn't lend itself to lighthearted/fluffy interactions, buuuuuut I thought I'd throw this up anyway. Is anyone up for any plots/conversations/etc. that *aren't* overly hostile/brain-breaking/whatever? Even just something like a personal virus (... though preferably something that wouldn't have any bad backlash when it ends) or "OKAY LET'S ASSUME THIS HAPPENED" would be awesome. 8)



Jul. 16th, 2009 01:45 pm
I am going to pull a Setine and say "I'M BORED (and I want to get more stuff for [ profile] ddd_prompts done); GIVE ME ONE OR MORE OF YOUR CHARACTERS AND I'LL TRY TO WRITE OUT A DRABBLE THING ABOUT THEM AND AZULA". If you want, you can give me one of my unused prompts, too.

... A-and I promise I'll space out the actual posting of anything so that I won't end up completely spamming the prompts comm. DX


Jul. 8th, 2009 12:46 am
OKAY SO. Bridgette Tenenbaum ([ profile] notverymuch) has decided that Azula needs a little drug therapy to help with her sociopathic tendencies. Unfortunately, the vaccination had the opposite affect, and she is now on a complete bloody rampage throughout the multiverse. If you would like to have one or more of your characters attacked/wounded/killed/what have you, please comment here (obviously, I'm not going to do anything to anyone without the player's permission). If you want to have her actually kill one of your characters, I'm up for it, but we'd have alert the mods and all that jazz. Also, if you have a strong character that would be able to hold their own/possibly beat her in a fight, we can work that out, too-- someone will probably have to end up taking her down eventually anyway, unless the vaccine wears off before that. :P

... tl;dr: Comment here if you'd like to have your character(s) attacked by Azula.

EDIT: OH AND I FORGOT TO MENTION: if you offer up your character(s) for something and all those involved okay it, feel free to assume it happened whenever; you don't need to ask my permission again before posting about it or anything. <3 And if you want to RL anything out we can, but be warned: I fail at writing out fights. :|
So, uh. We have a prrrrretty big group (as far as I know there's Zuko, Azula, the Joker, Hannibal Lecter, Cuddy, Dick Greyson, Starfire, and Harvey Dent, but correct me if I'm wrong DX). So how do we want to do this tomorrow? Do you guys want to have some kind of posting order, or should we just free-for-all it? *votes for a free-for-all, l-lol* And who wants to post in [ profile] dddinos to start it off?
(Alternatively titled "What Iddy Did Instead of Working on the Reading for her History Final".)

So I've been trying to work up the motivation to make a relationship post for months now, but it just hasn't been coming to me. Finally, I've decided just to only go into detail about the general stuff, because for the most part, her opinions of the people here can be lumped into some pretty specific groups (pretty much the only exceptions are Ozai and Ursa, who have their own separate parental!issues categories all to themselves). All of these are OOC-- that is, she doesn't ICly have a "people I like" list or anything like that. Also, as a general rule, it is very hard to tell which characters belong on which categories. Some of them switch around a lot, and her behavior towards people really isn't all that indicative of their placing. She can be an absolute bitch to someone on her "like" list, and then turn around and be perfectly civil with someone she vehemently dislikes. Her treatment of them depends more on the situation and her mood, or any special circumstances going on with the individual at the time.


Azula on liking people. )

Azula on disliking people. )

Azula on hating people. )

Azula on neutrality. )

Azula on caring about people. )

Obviously, there's plenty of little nuances and details within the categories-- not to mention reasons why certain characters are on the lists that they are. If anyone's actually interested in that (though I think a lot of it's been covered in the various relationship memes we've had), feel free to ask in the comments.
Soooo I have Kaito lined up for the first day, and Larsa lined up for the second. Does anyone want to subject their characters to Azula for either one or both of the last two days? 8D

EDIT: Fuu and Elphaba have already volunteered, so Azula's schedule is all filled up.
1. Go here to generate 10 random numbers between 1 and 100.
2. I will answer the corresponding questions from here.

Duplicates will be jumped up to the next unanswered number.



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