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Birthdate:Jul 19
Fire Lord Azula

This is an RP journal.

Contact Note: If you want to talk to me out of character, feel free to leave a note on the relevant character info post. Additionally, all my contact information- email, AIM screenname, plurk username, etc.- is on my main journal profile (I'm [info]banerry).

If you have concerns about the anything- from specifics ("the grammar in the post I'm linking is horrendous; what where you smoking when you wrote it?") to more general stuff ("I have no idea what the hell show you're watching, but Azula would NOT say that, ever!")- please tell me. I will not take offense. I can't promise that I will agree with your opinion, but I will definitely take it into consideration when writing future posts/comments. You can leave me feedback anywhere, but if anonymity is more your style, anon commenting is enabled here.

You've crossed the finish line
Won the race but lost your mind
Was it worth it after all?
I need you here with me, 'cause love is all we need
Just take ahold of the hand that breaks the fall

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HMD | IC contact for DDD

child: [info]smokepuff
shadow: [info]loooooooveme
future au: [info]dyinginflame


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[info]Shiro, [info]Itsuki, and [info]Azula, by [info]dreamoflight


Interests (150):

aradia megido, astronomy, ax, battling, being a non-catholic nun, being a prodigy, being a soldier, being an ax agent, being awesome, being badass, being fire lord, being obeyed, being royalty, caterina sforza, chopsticks, commanding, conquering, control, controlling karen minazuki, daddy, ddd, defeating enemies, dictatorships, dr. cuddy, dramadramaduck, eating jell-o with lilith, fighting, fighting the joker, finding the avatar, fire, fire lord azula, fire lord ozai, firebending, giving orders, gtfo my hair rachel, hair-brushing, hair-stroking, hating almost everyone, heat, hot baths, hot springs, hot weather, house/cuddy if he behaves, i do not babysit, i should screw larsa, i will execute zuzu, it's like the mafia, karen's chest, katara is ttly self-righteous, killing cain, killing shit, lightning, lightningbending, liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisa, liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilith, lilith sahl, lisa cuddy, logic, lol viruses, look at me, lucas/cuddy, lying, mai, manipulation, martial arts, messing with larsa, messing with people, monarchies, my hair, my worldhopping feather muthafucka, new jersey, not being hypnotized, not cain knightlord, not changing diapers ever, not chuck bass, not crying, not dietrich, not eclipses, not eris, not fire lord zuko, not forks, not gods, not itsuki koizumi, not johnny sfondi, not kaito kuroba, not my novice uniform, not princeton-plainsboro teaching hospital, not privacy violations, not ripping off heads, not rufus shinra, not snow, not the cold, not the contra mundi, not the inquisition, not ursa, not vampire slayers, not viruses, not weakness, okay fine rufus shinra, people not disappearing, perfection, power, psychopathic troll children, rachel cuddy, rachel is my sister, rain, ruling, ruling the world, screwing people over, servants, silk, sitting with lilith, snow's package, snuggling with lilith, snuggling with mommy, sometimes larsa solidor, sometimes rufus shinra, sometimes snuggling, sparring, strategy, success, superiority, taking down 01, taking down the orden, taking over the world, technology, telling larsa he's smug, that's fire nation silk, the fire nation, the vatican, these weird feeling things, this weird love thing, this weird sympathy thing, thunderstorms, toddlers suck, traveling, troll indiana jones, trolling, trolling with itsuki, ty lee, war, wearing a priest's uniform, well maybe itsuki's *okay*, winning, winning the war, worldhopping, zuzu can't lead countries, zuzu sucks at ruling, zuzu will be assassinated, ~the community~

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