They say that I'll likely be finished with my training in just a couple of months. I have to admit, I'm looking forward to fighting again. Real fighting, not just practicing. I was brought up to be a soldier-- it's a part of who I am, and it's a part of the reason why I used to pick fights with people on the community. It's not just about keeping in shape and honing my skills.

I wouldn't be doing this if the cause wasn't important, of course-- but I really have missed the fight.
... I still don't understand what the significance of "the b-word" is. Why are people here suddenly reacting so horribly to it?
... So I'm not really dying. The doctors came in and told me that it was a false alarm this morning, and when Lisa woke up again, she didn't even remember what had happened. She seemed to think that I was in the hospital because I'd had a particularly nasty relapse of my fever from earlier in the month, and others corroborated her story.

The community did this, didn't it. Again.

I need to find a better way of controlling my necklaces when I'm training. Even though I tucked them all into my uniform, I still spent fifteen minutes untangling them this evening.
bentflame: (defensive)
[the feed opens to show Azula in a hospital bed at the Vatican, still sick-- it's nothing serious, obviously, but she was moved to the clinic area so that they could keep an eye on her when her fever spiked to keep it from turning serious; she's been largely out of it since Thursday morning]

[she sits up a little, groggily, pushing back the hair clinging to her sweat-soaked forehead; a cheery nun in a nurse's uniform comes over to give her a glass of juice]

[Azula asks her a few questions that aren't picked up by the video, and the nun's face turns more grave; she starts to answer, but doesn't get more than a few sentences in before Azula interrupts]


[she jumps up out of the bed despite the nurse's protests-- at first she's a little wobbly on her feet, but it doesn't take long for adrenaline to kick in, and she's gone before she can be grabbed]
So you're some sort of demon, right?


Feb. 16th, 2011 02:35 pm
They really do think I'm like Zuko-- a spineless, selfish coward incapable of neither courage nor honor; neither love nor true loyalty to those that deserve it.

I can't wait to see their faces when they realize that they've been deluding themselves all this time. Their shame when they realize how great the world can really be, together under one banner-- and their horror when they realize that the people they've been holding back see them for the cowards and panderers they really are.

I won't pity them. They've never done a thing to deserve it.

And until it's time for that day to come, I'll be an AX Agent. A great one, just as I was a great soldier, princess, and then Fire Lord. I'll help save their world too, and Cain, and Lilith and Lisa-- they are the ones who deserve happiness, and I'll make sure they get it. That's become my duty, too.

No matter the world or the title, it's what my job has always been: to never stop fighting.
I need to go back to Earth for a few days. Lisa's mother is in the hospital, and it's potentially very serious.

I'll be contactable if I'm needed.
If I ever lose all my memories of the past three years, or if the community causes me to disappear entirely, I want Lisa to be told that I died.
It's always interesting to see who this place is going to bring in. First it's an enemy from my world, then it's an ally from another. I would prefer more of the latter than the former, but it's not as if this place has ever taken requests.

I'm still training. It's going well. And when it's over, I'll be able to fight him properly.


I am still learning languages. This one is my favorite. I am getting better, but I am using a dictionary a lot.

I wonder if Zuko and his friends will think I am speaking in code to keep things from them.

I'm not surprised. It's been months since we've had a virus; one was going to crop up sooner or later.

At least I'm not affected, so my training won't be delayed.
[brb wandering around being an insomniac]

... This place really is huge.

It's been a long time since I've spent the night anywhere but at h-- in New Jersey. It's strange.
... They want me. They asked me to fight for their cause; to train to be an agent. They finally see how valuable I can be; that I'm not just an annoying weakling. And until Cain's gone and it's time to--

I'll finally be doing something important again.

I have to figure out how and what to tell Lisa. She'll be angry with them.
[Azula's sitting on the couch talking into her community book, with Rachel (who keeps trying to grab at her necklaces, especially the rosary) crawling around next to her]

I think I'm starting to get better, so I won't be sitting around here forever anymore-- I'll start going to the Vatican again during the day, and also hopefully some place warm. No matter how high the heat's turned up in here, it still feels cold.

[she bats Rachel's hands away from her again]

Not to mention the fact that I think there's something about it that makes toddlers go stir-crazy. Even though the nanny's here, she's still following me around.

... I wish we lived where Ryan does, where it never gets snow.
... I have a cold. I have a headache, and I can't stop coughing or sneezing or other unsightly things. I suppose this means I won't be going to the Vatican for the day tomorrow.

This is going to happen every winter here, isn't it.
Why is there so much hate against vampires here?

I don't like it.
It's snowed so much that New Jersey is in a state of emergency-- nobody is supposed to use the roads unless they absolutely have to, because of the snow, ice, and wind. Lisa's at home so I'm staying here today.

... It's not that bad to look at. It's cold and wet and disgusting when you're out in it, but from inside, it's sort of pretty.
"No" means "no".

"Go away" means "go away".

"Stop talking to me" means "stop talking to me".

None of that means "mock me and deliberately try to irritate me for fun".

They all think it's funny. Annoying me. Bothering me. Making me angry. And then they act all surprised and affronted when they provoke a reaction that they don't like.

They could consider themselves lucky. The reaction could have been worse.

Tommy. Ichigo. Matt. Cross. More.

It's pathetic.

I've always been an amazing little sister.
[Azula's sitting in a chair, wrapped in a blanket-- it's thunderstorming outside; her favorite weather]

I think I might go to this Christmas party. I've been to them in past years and they've been all right. It's easy enough to avoid annoying people.

Lilith, you should come too.

[she shifts a little, looking out the window]

... I hope this storm lasts a long time.
Hanukkah ended a couple of days ago. I don't really celebrate the holiday myself because I'm not Jewish, but I attended a lot of the festivities. I'm pretty sure Lisa's family still thinks I'm weird. And my present to her made her cry, though apparently not in a bad way.

I'm just glad it hasn't snowed much yet this season.

[ooc: SUKI AND SHIRO you guys can assume Shiro and Itsuki got their gifts 8)]



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