Jun. 4th, 2011

Thanks to her trusty worldhopping feather, Azula showed up in Vriska's land less than a minute after hanging up from their conversation. She'd already been to Eridan's planet, but this one looked entirely different-- and while they were both impressive in their own right, she definitely liked the Land of Maps and Treasure better. The scenery (but not the architecture) reminded her a little bit of the outlying islands of the Fire Nation. The sky was also fascinating; she couldn't help but spend most of the time looking up at it.

Because most of it was ocean and she didn't have a boat, Azula couldn't really do much more than wait for Vriska to find her-- which probably wouldn't be too hard, as she was right outside the little island's only large, looming building (one of those "hives", maybe?).
I've been strangely social lately. I've had people over, I've gone to visit others, and I've apparently been invited to join in on some sort of movie night. Not only would this not have happened three years ago-- before I joined the community-- I don't think it would even have happened one year ago.

I haven't really changed that much, have I? I don't think I have.



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