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Have I ever made it clear how much I hate mind-readers?

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But wouldn't the telepaths already know that, and either keep their distance or explicitly use the knowledge that you hate them as a means with which to intentionally frustrate you?

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That's very likely.

I don't mind them when they're respectful about it-- that is, when they don't read my mind.

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To be fair, the gentleman in question isn't a mindreader.

He's just omniscient. In other words, he's not actively looking, he just knows.

I suppose that doesn't really help your opinion of him any, does it?

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It amounts to the same thing though, doesn't it?

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Would you accuse a millionaire of robbing from a bank? After all, the bank gave him money that was previously in your possession.

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Who's a mind-reader?

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I don't know, but it was irritating.

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Close enough.

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Most of them have done something.
docfoul: (Be my guest.)

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I see the lovely Ms. Yukari has beat me to the metaphorical punch.

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I know. You're one of the people who uses your knowledge to annoy others.
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Annoy? No.
I use my knowledge to shape events to their inevitable form.
If I happen to annoy someone in the process, it was only a regrettable side-effect of my actions. Unless the annoyance was necessary to some other purpose, in which case it was obviously intended and not regrettable at all.

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I still don't trust you, after what I've heard. And you certainly seem like the type to enjoy annoying others.

[snap judgements, snap judgements everywhere]

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Mind-reading sucks, pretty much to and from.

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No one wants to be around you if you can read minds for one thing. Complete alone time.

Plus, if you can't turn it off that'd definitely end up with nearly going completely insane if it doesn't get taken away.

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... All right, I suppose that makes sense.

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Are you fucking serious? There are mind readers here?

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There's at least one from your world.