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For the second time I've been told that I'd do better to stay away from someone-- the same person, even-- because they're dangerous. It's funny that they don't take into consideration the fact that I might be dangerous, too.

I wonder at what point other people cut ties with someone because of things that they've done. It's not something that I've thought about much; there are a few people that I've gotten along with and then changed my mind about, but not very many. There are plenty of things that I'm more permissive of than most. It's part of being raised as a soldier, I suppose. I am curious, though-- at what point do you stop talking to someone because of their actions towards others?

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I guess when it's all you can think about when you talk to them. Who do you have to stay away from?

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No one that I'm actually going to stay away from.

Do people tell you to stop talking to me?

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Well, duh.

Nope! Well, maybe like a loonnng time ago, but c'mon let's face it I wouldn't have paid attention to any warnings. :)

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The way you phrased it made it seem as though you actually thought I might.

No, I suppose you wouldn't have. I don't seem to have done anything that you disliked that much.

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I know you better than that!

No, not really. Mostly you just do things that make me worried for you or scared for you or something.

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Really? But there are definitely people that I avoid.

... You sound like my mother.

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Yeah, but not because someone told you too. :P

I'm supposed to sound like your big brother, not your mom.

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... Are you serious?

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I don't know what to think about that.

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What's there to think about?

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You essentially just said that you think of me as a younger sister; it's surprising.

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Really? I pretty much treat you like I do Sharpay, except I don't have to worry about saying something wrong and getting a shoe thrown at me.

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I'm not the sort of person that people think of as a sibling.

... Except for Lilith, of course.

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It's still strange.
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Unless those "others" are mine, I don't really care most the time.

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I suppose I'm the same way a lot of the time.
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Nothing wrong with that line of thinking, right? Getting caught up in too many principles just gets complicated and ends up getting messy if you like someone anyway, so, just go with your gut and what's important to you even if it don't make a lot of sense!
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....Right? C'mon, it can't be that bad to agree with me once in a while.

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I might agree in some cases.

[no, that's pretty much the philosophy she goes by these days]
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...You're kinda complicated, y'know that.

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It's a complicated question.
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I thought it was simple enough...

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You were wrong.