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I quite enjoy having perfect eyesight, and I never really realized how irritating having to wear glasses was until that virus.

That was hardly the worst part of it, of course, but it's the only thing I'm willing to discuss.

[Azula shifts the camera back to show her nightstand in her bedroom at the Vatican]

It's over, though. And look what Lisa's done for me with something called "photo paper".

[the table is covered with printed photographs in frames-- most are of Cuddy (some including Rachel) or Lilith, but there are a couple of Ty Lee shoved in the back]

My camera was getting full, and she asked me if I wanted a second memory card, or some prints. I opted for this.

Maybe I should start collecting them.


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I need you to distract Lilith for me when I get back.


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... Ty Lee, huh.

'S been a while since I've heard anything about her.

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That's no surprise; she's been gone for a very long time.

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Was it really that long ago? Geez... sure doesn't feel like it sometimes.

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Photographs are always good to have around.

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I have a large number on my camera.

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Keep them. They're good for proof and memories.

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I would never throw these away.

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I never thought to see you as the sentimental type, Azula. This gives me a new view of you.

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[Scowl] You get used to it.

[Smirk] And your pictures don't move.

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I'm glad they don't move. It'd be creepy if they did.

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It's not creepy. It's nice.

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Wearing glasses feels so weird!

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It does. It doesn't seem right to only be able to see correctly though such a small area.

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That didn't bother me too much. It was taking them on and off for almost everything.

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I just left them on all the time.
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Glasses are cool!
Maaaaaaaaybe you just can't appreciate them!

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I think I'd rather appreciate having eyes that I can actually see with. James had horrible eyesight.

Your glasses are probably better than his, though.
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