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{RL WITH TAVROS} backdated by a few days

[showing up on Vriska's world to see Tavros, grabber claw in hand!]

[she'll just be milling about a bit, waiting for him to show up; she likes this world and doesn't mind waiting]
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[Here comes Tavros in his rocket chair! He stops a few feet away from her, hovering just over the ground.]

Um, hi, Azula. [Awkward smile is awkward, as he's not really sure how to act around her right now.]

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[she holds out the grabber for him to take]

I like your car thing.
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[takes the grabber and looks at it, then immediately starts playing with the trigger]

Oh, do you? It's um, a rocket chair that I was able to alchemize, thanks to Vriska.

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It looks like it works well.
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It does. I really like it a lot. [looks up from playing with the grabber] Oh, and uh, thank you for this thing. I think it will probably come in handy, in times during which I'm at my hive.

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You're welcome. Lisa was happy to find one for you.
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Oh. Then, uhh... tell her I said thank you, I guess?

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[Azula nods]

I will. She'd probably like you.

[tilting her head up, she looks up at the unusual sky]

You spend a lot of time here?
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[shy smile at the thought of Azula's mom liking him, then looks around, too]

Uhh, sort of, I guess? I mean, Vriska kind of, you know, led me here, more or less... and I like treasure hunting with her and stuff, so. I don't really have any reason to leave, at the moment.

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Which do you like better, this world or your world?
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Oh, er... I haven't really thought about it...

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The coastline of my country looks a little like this, with the islands and the ocean.
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Oh. [...not really sure what to say to that...] I guess, then, you probably like this world?

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I haven't seen all the trolls' worlds, but this is my favorite one so far.
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Mine doesn't really, uh, have this sort of island-like landscape, at all. So, I don't know. Maybe you wouldn't like mine, very much.

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[she shrugs]

I like plenty of places that don't look like the Fire Nation.
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Mine is made of sand and zephyr.
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Yes, you know, uhh... like a breeze?
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Kind of? I mean, not such that where the wind is, you know, blowing you around and stuff. It's just sort of, er... breezy.
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Yeah, that's, erm... sort of what it is?

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We have those on my world, too. Not in the Fire Nation, though.
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Oh. Um. Do you like them?

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They're all right. I wouldn't say I dislike them.
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Oh. [more awkward times] Well, maybe when, things are less stressful and, I don't need to stay here with Vriska, maybe you can come see my world. Like we were, uhh, talking about, before.

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Was there anything else you needed, or would you prefer I go back home now?
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Oh, um... You don't have to go, if you don't want to, but I should probably get back to Vriska...

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I'll let you do that, then.
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Oh. Okay. [oh look, he's fidgeting again]
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Nothing! Uh, nothing. Just that... you know, thank you, again. For the thing, I mean.
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Yeah, uh... okay. [...]

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... Goodbye, then?

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Right, er... Goodbye.


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[and away she goes]